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Remembering Warren Zevon 20 Years After His Passing

Twenty years ago today, the rock ‘n’ roll world lost a great musician at way too young of an age – Warren Zevon passed away on September 7th, 2003, at the age of 56. Unfortunately, that story is too often repeated when it comes to musicians, but that does not make it any easier anytime one of our favorite artists passes away. Warren Zevon left behind a catalog of work only a handful of musicians to ever walk this earth can compete with on a musical level. Zevon’s career output spanned over the course of 33 years, and over four different decades! His debut album titled “Wanted Dead or Alive” was released all the way back in 1970, and his 12th and final studio album, “The Wind,” was released the same year of his death in 2003. The latter of which was certified gold by the RIAA within a year of its release, and earned him five Grammy nominations that year. He actually went on to win two of the five nominations, including “The Wind” itself winning the Best Contemporary Folk Album category, and Zevon’s collaboration with Bruce Springsteen, “Disorder in the House,” winning the Best Rock Performance by a Duo category. Unbelievably enough, those Grammy wins were the first and only of his impressive career, which makes it even more unfortunate that he passed away when he did because he did not get to accept the awards on his own. Recognition from the whos-who of the world is something that is still evading Warren Zevon exactly 20 years after his death as he has yet to be honored with his place in The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame – to the dismay of many, including late-night TV legend, Dave Letterman. Although he may not have a plaque in the Hall of Fame yet, he is immortalized here at the WMGK studios as his picture hangs on the wall amongst other classic rock legends. [caption id="attachment_919415" align="alignnone" width="789"] A sign of Warren Zevon hanging up in the WMGK in remembrance of the music legend.[/caption] Warren Zevon is easily one of my favorite rock stars of all time, and I will definitely be playing some of his tunes today in remembrance of him! Here’s to Warren Zevon! More from Matt Cord... [select-listicle listicle_id="915170" syndication_name="delaware-beaches-are-nice-change-up-from-the-jersey-shore" description="yes"]

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