Straight From The Studio

The Worst Pain – Segment and Calls

Today we asked our John DeBella Show listeners what is the worst pain they've ever felt. We cancelled out regular childbirth, but it turned out that wasn't necessary. If you think you're Swayze and pain don't hurt, well you're going to want to listen to this segment. Before we took calls I thought I knew what pain was. I had an ear infection a few years ago, and I was like a baby. Just the worst pain I have ever felt. I now know that I am a fool. If a doctor asked me to place my ear pain on a scale of 1-10 using out callers pains as the 1 and 10 reference point, I'd have to give it a 0. It just doesn't compare to what you're about to read and hear. Our first caller was basic, he only had a motorcycle accident last may and broke 21 bones in his body including his pelvis. 'Tis just a scratch!" Not everyone maybe be able to relate to breaking 21 bones, but another caller brought up something we all definitely have felt. Slamming your little toe on the corner or a table leg or bed. My bed frame has a small metal post in the middle on both sides and I now actively try to give my bed a wide berth when I walk past it. You're going to hear from people who have seen some sh*t. Broken femurs, delivering a breach baby, a bartholin's cyst, etc. Maybe you can relate to them, or maybe you have no idea how whatever caused their pain is even a thing. Give it a listen: [audio mp3=""][/audio]