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St. Patrick’s Day Snack Ideas – Savory & Sweet Green Goodies

Every holiday is a great excuse to whip up some fun treats for friends and family. Maybe you have a classroom of kiddos (even over Zoom!) excited for a chance to celebrate together with festive foods, a grown-up family gathering, or a holiday care package to drop on a doorstep. Add some holiday flair to your table for dinner, or share the recipe for some festive fun at your Zoom happy hour with colleagues. Whatever the audience, these ten savory and sweet green recipe St. Patrick’s Day snack ideas will be sure to please! SWEET Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies These bright green cookies with a classic mint-chocolate flavor are the ultimate grab-and-go treat. Make things easy by starting your cookie base with a bag of sugar cookie mix, and then add a little green food coloring, mint extract, crème de menthe baking chips, and chocolate chunks. Kids and adults love these green cookies! Leprechaun Bait Leprechaun Bait is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day snack ideas! This sweet snack mix has an awesome twist--mint M&Ms! Toss together this recipe in just minutes, combining melted white chocolate with popcorn, pretzels, and your favorite cereals, then drizzle with green candy melts. It’s great for a colorful snack table centerpiece or the star of a St. Patrick’s Day gift basket. Chocolate Pistachio Pinwheel Cookies Many of us automatically think of mint as the green flavor in sweet treats--but let’s expand our green palette to include other deliciously green flavors perfect for desserts like matcha and pistachio! These chocolate and pistachio pinwheel cookies are a mixture of sugar cookie dough and pistachio pudding for a soft but chewy cookie. Add chopped pistachios for even more texture variety. When you roll the pistachio and chocolate doughs together, you’ll create that classic pinwheel look and fill every bite with complementary flavors. Green Velvet Layer Cake For a decadent and richly colored dessert, try this Green Velvet Layer Cake. The cake itself is a deep forest green in three layers, and the frosting a lovely pale shade of green. The light, fluffy frosting for this recipe does involve continuous whisking over medium heat and then mixing for ten to twelve minutes - but the light, creamy texture is so worth it in the end! Mint Schnapps Shakes Add a little adult beverage to your holiday menu with these boozy shakes. Blend your favorite vanilla ice cream with peppermint schnapps, vanilla extract, and just a touch of green food coloring, then top with a mint leaf garnish. Yum! [caption id="attachment_342687" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Photo by Louno Morose/Shutterstock[/caption] SAVORY Shamrock Pizza Pot Pies These personal-sized pizza pot pies are super easy to make using pre-made crescent roll dough. Fill each dough-lined custard cup with pepperoni, mozzarella, and marinara. Then top each one with a slice of green bell pepper that looks every bit like the outline of a shamrock! Add a little green stem to make your shamrock-accurate.  Guacamole Cups Guacamole is the perfect party food except for one thing--getting it out of the communal dish and into so many mouths! That’s why we love these guacamole cups made out of wonton wraps. Just bake the wontons in muffin cups and fill with your favorite ratios of avocado, onion, and lime. Then everyone can grab their own cup of creamy green goodness, and the wonton wrapper even serves as a taco shell! Pesto Babka This recipe puts a pesto twist into the classic braided bread from Poland. This bread is often baked with chocolate, cinnamon, or apple between its layers, but this savory delight uses basil and parsley pesto instead. Each slice is wrapped with green lines of pesto, making them perfect for dipping or pairing with cheese! Zucchini Tots This green version of tater tots involves shredded zucchini, pecorino, and panko as the tot base. Use a cookie scoop to drop them on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes to get that crispy golden crunch your guests love to munch. Green Beer It almost feels like cheating to include a recipe as simple as this one, but who doesn’t love to toast St. Patrick’s Day with a pint of green beer? All it takes is one drop of food coloring to one bottle of your favorite light-colored lager! This St. Patrick’s Day, make your table a smorgasbord of green with enough sweet and savory options to please the whole crowd!   For more articles like this click here!