Lionel Messi Is Coming To Philadelphia To Face The Union in Leagues Cup Semi-Finals

Lionel Messi was not yet with Inter Miami CF when they came to Philadelphia back on June 24th. So it seemed like Union fans were going to miss out on getting to see Messi play. But the Leagues Cup will now give us that chance. After The Union beat Queretaro 2-1, and Miami beat Charlotte 4-0, the two teams are set to meet up in the Leagues Cup Semi-Finals. And because the Union have the better regular season record, that game will be played at Subaru Park. For over a decade now, Lionel Messi has been among the most exciting soccer players in the world. Recently he carried his home country of Argentina to their first World Cup victory since 1986. And after spending 17 seasons with Barcelona, and then 2 with Paris Saint-Germain, he decided to take his talents to South Beach. He immediately made his presence felt in his first game scoring the game-winning Free Kick. And since then he has led the League Cup in goals scored. https://twitter.com/MLS/status/1682574365341171717?s=20 So it will be a tough test for the Union if they want to make it to the Leagues Cup Finals. But like every other game so far in the Leagues Cup for them, they at least get to play it at home. And the Union usually do not lose at home. They have just 1 loss this season in Chester and had none last year. The matchup is set for Tuesday Night, at a time to be determined. If you are interested in going to see the Union take on Lionel Messi and the rest of Miami FC in person, you should know tickets are not going cheap. The cheapest tickets for the Charlotte vs Miami game were going for $132 per person. And it will likely cost even more than that to see him at Subaru Park. Speaking of sporting legends, Nick Foles is coming to Fan Fest: [select-listicle listicle_id="471623" syndication_name="super-bowl-mvp-nick-foles-is-coming-to-philadelphia-fan-fest" description="yes"]