EMS Dinner Drill with Crozer and WMGK Online

WMGK honors our EMS Teams throughout the area. Once a month WMGK and Crozer will deliver dinner to your place whether you are getting ready to work on drills or clean the place from top to bottom. One of our DJs will show up with prizes and food provided by Crozer.

You can register to win dinner here. If we pick you we will set up a date and stop by to see you with food and prizes.

Congratulations to our latest winner: Seaville Fire Rescue.

Seaville Fire RescueSeaville Fire Rescue Seaville Fire Rescue Seaville Fire Rescue


Summer Sun Safety

Sunburn Facts

Over exposure to the sun causes sunburn

The time it takes to sustain a sunburn varies widely related to age, skin type and color, geographical location, altitude, time of day, time of year, and reflection of water, sand or snow.

In addition, sun lamps can cause severe sunburn and some medications can make a person much more susceptible to sunburn.

Sunburn treatments can only address the symptoms

Prevention remains the key to avoiding the painful consequences of overexposure to the sun


Apply sunscreen – if you are spending a day at the beach or pool, use waterproof sunscreen. Be sure to reapply after swimming, toweling off, sweating or vigorous activity.

Wear protective clothing and sunglasses

Avoid tanning beds

Use a lip balm with sunscreen

It’s possible to burn all year, including cloudy days so don’t forget to block the sun year round


May not appear for a few hours, and the full effect may not be obvious for 24 hours

Skin is red, tender and warm to the touch

Skin may be blistered and/or swollen

Blistering may occur several days after exposure

Severe reactions, sometimes called “sun poisoning” may include fever, chills, nausea or rash

The sunburned skin may peel several days after the sunburn

First Aid

Apply cool baths or cool compresses for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day. Small children may become easily chilled, so keep the water tepid.

An over-the-counter pain medication, such as acetaminophen (ex: Tylenol), may be helpful. Note: Aspirin should not be given to children.

Moisturize affected areas liberally and often with perfume-free, alcohol-free lotion

On the first day of sunburn, consume extra fluids to prevent dehydration, avoiding alcoholic beverages and those containing caffeine

Do NOT apply petroleum jelly, ointment, or butter to the sunburn -they make the symptoms worse and do not allow air to assist in healing

DO NOT wash burned skin with harsh soap

DO NOT use over the counter creams and sprays that may contain benzocaine, which often causes an allergic reaction, especially in children