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How well do YOU know your ABCs?  Can you count to one-thousand?

Announcing MGK’s ABCs of Classic Rock

A high/low game with a $1000 cash prize every time. We’ll give you the names of two classic rock artists, then you guess the correct band that falls between them alphabetically and score the cash!

Starting on Monday June 3rd, we’ll play in the 8am hour, 9am hour, 11am hour as well as the 1pm hour, 2pm hour, and 4pm hour. Follow along as we narrow down to reveal a mystery artist for 1000 dollars!

Presented by Ciocca Chevrolet

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What you win:

Win $1000

How to enter:

Listen each weekday when we play in the 8am, 9am, 11am, as well as the 1pm, 2pm and 4pm hours for the cue to call. Be the 10th caller, and you will get the chance to play. We will give you the names of two artists, and you have to correctly name the band/artist that we are thinking of, whose name falls between the 2 artists that we named. Guess correctly, and you win $1000. Guess incorrectly, and a new caller will try again during the next contest.