John Elder Robison on Autism and his new book SWITCHED ON

John Elder Robison's life has been quite a journey. If you've read his autobiography LOOK ME IN THE EYE or  his brother Augusten Burroughs' book RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, you're aware that it was not an easy childhood, to say the least. With savant characteristics and capabilities and an inborn genius that afforded him the chance to work in engineering and electronics (he designed the Ace Frehley light guitar and also worked with Pink Floyd's sound company), John still found himself struggling with society. His diagnosis with Asperger's/Autism as an adult finally shed some light on his feelings of alienation and being "different." Since then, he's written several books about living life as an "aspie" and how it has affected his marriage (s), role as a parent and his view of the world. Just published is SWITCHED ON: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening. This book recounts an incredible life-changing scientific experiment that allowed John to experience emotions never before felt. Listen to our chat and then get this book (and his others too!)