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14:16 Download November 19th, 2018

As we get ready for this years MGK Turkey Drop tomorrow (11/20), I give you this. Quite a few years back (30 maybe?), Les Nessman (Richard Sanders), hapless newsman for WKRP IN CINCINNATTI, hopped on his news motor scooter and drove into the YSP studios to talk turkey. We had a chat about THAT infamous Turkey Drop and the one we were getting ready to do later that day.  During the course of our conversation, Mr. Carlson (WKRP Station Manager aka THE BIG GUY aka Gordon Jump) called in to try and talk us out of it. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope to see my fellow Delco/Media folks tomorrow AM at the Granite Run Acme between 6-9AM with your turkeys, turkey coupons and/or $$$!

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