THE BAND'S WITH ME author Sally Mann Romano

Sally Mann Romano has a book out called THE BAND'S WITH ME and it is one helluva rollicking ride through the 60's and mid 70's "counter" culture. She was part of the Jefferson Airplane inner circle, knew EVERYBODY and if she didn't, made sure she met them, and tells THE best stories about Frank Zappa, (one-time husband) Spencer Dryden, John Mayall, Gene Clark, The Dead, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Alvin Lee, Richard Manuel and The Dave Clark Five. That's just a few of the names you'll encounter in Sally's dazzling and FUNNY account (how DOES she remember all these details??) Sally was one of the "Groupies" featured in Rolling Stones iconic article (brilliant photos taken by our friend Baron Wolman). Check out the link above to order and listen to our recent convo. What a life!