Christmas fish

Christmas is almost here, but what if you’re just not in the mood to cook on the festive day? Thankfully, some restaurants are open on Christmas Day.

One of my favorite Christmas memories was actually having Christmas brunch at an IHOP during an ice storm. As the story goes, the power was out for several days, and it was freezing. My family and I stayed with some family who somehow had power a few days before Christmas. Then, closer to Christmas, we went to Grand Rapids, where the entire city had power. Since a “normal” Christmas wasn’t possible, we went to IHOP on Christmas day, and it was so fun. I don’t eat traditional Christmas food, since I’m a vegetarian, so I was in heaven eating chocolate-chip pancakes for Christmas brunch.

Read on for a selection of restaurants that are open on Christmas Day. Call ahead first, since some locations may have different hours and days they’re open.

  • Red Lobster

    Oh, the Red Lobster biscuits are so good. Yes, they are perfect for Christmas. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Select Red Lobster restaurants are open on Christmas Day. Find the full list of open ones and their hours here.

    Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants

    Discover Red Lobster seafood restaurants, find locations, browse our menus and more.

  • Applebee’s

    This one surprises me. I had no idea that Applebee’s was open on Christmas Day. Apparently, select locations are open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so you need to check with your local restaurant.

    Find the Closest Applebee's Restaurant Near Your Location

    Be it lunch, dinner or winding down after hours, there's an Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar ready to serve - just use our search tool to find the nearest.

  • Boston Market

    Boston Market serves up the kind of traditional Christmas food that people know and love. Many locations for the restaurant are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They also have their annual “heat-and-serve dinners.” Check with your local restaurant for the details.

  • Waffle House

    Waffle House is always open! Seriously, they have a 24/7/365 policy that makes them a favorite for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Who doesn’t love the idea of fresh, sweet waffles on Christmas? I’m in.


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  • IHOP

    I already shared my IHOP story. My favorite Christmas ever was spent at an IHOP with my family. It was an emergency situation, but I loved it. IHOP is open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But, as always, double check the hours at your local location.

    IHOP® Restaurant Locations | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Pancakes 24/7

    Find an IHOP Restaurant Location. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Pancakes 24/7

  • Denny's

    Denny’s restaurants are open every day of the year, so that means they’re a hot spot on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hours may vary, so check your local location. Also, if you’d rather eat at home, Denny’s has Turkey Packs that you can order and take home.

  • McDonald's

    The Golden Arches to the rescue! Many McDonald’s locations will be open on Christmas Day. Since it’s different for corporate verses franchise locations, check with your local restaurant. I would totally stop there to get a milkshake on Christmas. Peppermint, please?

    Restaurants Near Me: Nearby McDonald's Locations | McDonald's

    Find the nearest McDonald's for restaurant hours and services. Our Restaurant Near Me page connects you to a McDonald's near you quickly and easily!

  • Panda Express

    Feel like eating Chinese food on Christmas? Many Panda Express locations will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Why not switch it up this year and go Chinese? Hours vary, so call you local location to make sure they’re open.

    Panda Express

    No Description

  • Starbucks

    If you’ve been up all night partying with Santa, then you probably need some java. Many Starbucks locations will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so you can get your caffeine fix. Call ahead for holiday hours.


    No Description

  • Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

    All Perkins locations will be open on Christmas Eve, and many will be open on Christmas Day. It varies by location, so call your local spot. I’ve actually never been to a Perkins. I might as well try it out on Christmas! They also offer a special limited menu during the holidays, which includes a Turkey Dinner deal.

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