Although the Super Bowl is behind us, there are still plenty of football subjects to dive into. Of course, the combine, free agency, and the draft are all approaching. However, in addition, there are a few NFL teams who have hinted at wearing new uniforms next season.

Typically, a full unveiling of these fresh threads comes in late spring or summer once the schedule is out and new players are on the roster. Still, there are some things we already know. Part of this has to do with licensing agreements. The NFL and Nike (their official uniform partner) need to go through certain protocols in order for new uniforms to be allowed. At times, this can take a few years. So, in short, preparation for these expected uniform changes began long ago.

Present-day NFL allows for teams to have their typical home and away set and the alternate look. Often, this is a nod to a throwback uniform that was a fan-favorite years ago. For example, in 2023, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought back the special edition creamsicle uniform.

Before we take a look at the NFL teams that will be sporting a new uniform look in 2024, let’s address a related topic.

Teams That Should Change Their Uniforms

Again, this is easier said than done, but here are a few suggestions for teams that can use an upgrade. First, the New York Giants should make their throwback look permanent. This sports the “Giants” logo on the helmet with the red and white striped jersey sleeve the team wore in the ’80s and ’90s. Bringing back the red alternate jersey then allows for the special look twice a year. The same argument can be made for the Philadelphia Eagles. When you have that sharp “Kelly Green” set, there is no reason not to wear them at any opportunity. As for a complete overhaul, let’s suggest the Indianapolis Colts go back to the drawing board. The white horseshoe helmet works (just change the facemask to blue), but the jersey and pants are stale. Less can be more these days with uni designs, so how about adding a little life here? At least the jersey can be as exciting as the future franchise quarterback, Anthony Richardson.

Those three thoughts may be long shots. However, these are not. Here are the four teams we expect to rock new uniforms looks next season.

  • New York Jets

    Let’s call it Aaron Rodgers 2.0. It’s definitely not a bad idea to try this experiment all over again. With Rodgers back from a gut-wrenching injury, 2024 could be what fans expected 2023 to be. Perhaps having extreme patience will make the wait worthwhile. The assumption is that the Jets new uniforms, which will be unveiled in April, will resemble the “Legacy” look.


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  • Houston Texans

    With the offensive rookie of the year in C.J. Stroud being the face of the franchise, this feels like the perfect time for the Texans to change up their look. Aside from the red alternative helmet and jersey, their previous uniform set did fall victim to the Colts’ disease of just too boring. Let’s just hope they don’t get too flashy. The Tennessee Titans twice wore their Houston Oilers throwbacks in 2023. It has been revealed that the Texans are now doing the right thing and incorporating this iconic H-Town Blue color into the new look.


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  • Denver Broncos

    This should fall into the category of adjustments instead of a completely new look. There has been a ton of speculation already. We do believe the orange jersey will sustain. The biggest challenge the team has had with their current look is the slash-style “stripe” on the pants that don’t mix and match. So, 2024 will feature a new QB in Denver, sporting the updated look.


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  • Detroit Lions

    This one flies under the radar a bit. The Lions revealed the alternate blue helmets last year. Some wonder if the popular black jersey from the early 2000s will return. It would be unfortunate for the Lions to get too far away from their traditional blue, however a stronger color scheme might be just what the team needs to take that extra step. The black jersey option might also be a good match for Dan Campbell’s MCDC Metallica fandom.


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