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Go to Pinterest or Google and search "holiday savings plan." You'll be greeted with all sorts of options from "How to Save $1,000 in 20 Weeks" to "How to Save $500 in 30 Days." Pick a plan that works best for you, and start putting money gradually aside.

A Reddit group called “Financial Independence” has a weekly thread where frugal people share tips and hacks for saving money. Here are six highlights we think could come in handy as the holiday season(s) approach us!

  • Cut sponges in half

    Seems silly, but according to people who do this, you acclimate to it quickly and soon afterward may even feel like a full one is overkill.

  • Never buy the newest tech

    A 3 year old iPhone can do pretty much everything a brand new one can.  Their rule is replace your tech, but always stay three years behind. This can especially come in handy with phones and televisions.

  • When you go out to eat as a couple, split one meal

    A lot of restaurant meals are too big anyway, and do you really want leftovers over an extra $25?  If you need more food, it’s wise to split an appetizer too.

  • Switch back to bar soap

    It’s understandable if this one gets scoffed at, but it’s a lot cheaper than body wash and lasts longer.  Some people think it’s better anyway.

  • Order your groceries online, but pick them up

    This has almost become a meme for husbands whose wives love to “drop in at Target” and come home with over $200 of impulse buys. It saves on delivery fees, and you won’t buy anything you don’t need.

  • Slow down while driving, and don't gun it at stop lights

    One person apparently tested this and gained about three miles per gallon, which can add up. Also, Sammy Haggar excluded, driving 55 mph gives you the best mileage per gallon. 

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