Things I Don’t Miss About Catholic School.

First of all, this is not a diss on Catholic Schools at all.  I went to catholic school from Kindergarten up until my senior year of high school.  I transferred to a public school when I was a senior and I was in a totally different world.  Being able to wear whatever you want to school was amazing!

I have been to both catholic high school and public high school and they are not much different besides uniforms and religion class.

Now, when it comes to grade school I have no idea what public school was like since I never went but a lot of my buddies went and the differences are plenty.

I never liked school uniforms because it felt like you were wearing cardboard but honestly looking back on it, it was much easier knowing exactly what you were going to wear each day.  You also knew what everyone else was going to wear so there were never any trying to have the best outfits.

My 8th grade graduating class only had about 30 kids so everyone knew each other pretty well.  Most of us have been in the same class for 8-9 years now so we know the flaws, the strengths, who likes who, what they enjoy, etc.

I recently started a Facebook messenger group with the group of people I hung out with the most in 8th grade and all the memories came back.  I was one of the “bad” kids because I could not sit still, I did not pay attention in class because I was too busy flirting with all of the girls.  This Facebook group consists of about 10 of us who lost touch as a group because we went to different high schools or joined different clubs or sports.  Just about everyone in the group is married with kids so it’s hilarious to hear how they talk and act now.  We definitely are not kids anymore but we can still go back and act like that from time to time.

Not everything about Catholic School was bad.  Honestly, I enjoyed most of it.  Especially my classmates.

This post is about 7 Things I Don’t Miss About Catholic School.  Check out the list below.

  • School Uniforms/Dress code

    I could not stand wearing a uniform.  I wanted to do my own thing and wear the freshest gear like Tommy Hilfiger or JNCO jeans.  Nope, we had to wear a really stiff polo shirt with even stiffer pants.  The girls wore the same polo or a really really wool sweater that itched like crazy.  The girls could wear pants but most girls opted for skirts.  Of course, the boys all liked that but there were so many rules about girls skirts and the length.  I don’t even remember all of the rules.

    Children outside of school

  • Clapping Erasers

    This was probably an all elementary school thing but I was always stuck with this job.  I hated the smell, the white chalk getting all over your clothes.  My best friend Karl and I used to clap them against the building but just like we always did, we got in trouble because the whole side of the building started to turn chalky white.  Honestly, we got in trouble for just about everything we did.

    Blank blackboard with colored chalks and eraser. Horizontal composition

  • Same Classrom For Everything

    When we got to school, we went to our classroom. (Not homeroom).  Our classroom.  That was our room for the remainder of the day.  We didn’t have lockers, we didn’t get up and walk to a different class. No, same classroom all day.  I want to say that when we got into 6th, 7th, & 8th grade we had 2 teachers and they would walk back and forth from class to class but the students never moved.

    interior of a school classroom with wooden desks and chairs. nobody around. 3d render

  • Eating Lunch At Our Desk

    See the last item in this last.  When I say we didn’t leave our classrooms, we even ate lunch in that classroom and at our desks.  No cafeteria, no buying lunch.  You ate a packed lunch at your desk.

    Schoolboy (8-10) sitting at desk staring at lunchbox, pulling face

  • Packed Lunches

    In the recent items in this list… You learned that we were in 1 classroom all day, we ate lunch in that classroom because we didn’t have a cafeteria, and our parents packed our lunches and we were forced to eat whatever they packed.  Now, I’m not hating on my parents (mostly, my mom because she packed the lunches), I know my parents did their absolute best but there were several bad lunch choices.  Like sending your kid with a tuna fish sandwich.  You are now the smelly kid in class and no one wants that.  Cheese and mayo sandwiches with a small bag of chips were a staple.  PB&J was always a go-to.  Now, I understand there are not a ton of options that kids will actually eat but maybe some of those Lunchables things would have been cool.  Well, maybe not… I would have been starving so Tuna Fish it was!

    Healthy school lunch box isolated on white background.

  • Church Every Friday

    This is not a religious post at all.  Being a young kid and having to sit still in church is almost impossible.  The church always smelled musty, it was always hot, and our teachers made you participate. If you were not singing, you were in trouble.  I used to get super claustrophobic and have bad stomachaches thinking about going to church.  It was brutal.  Now, the church songs were FIRE!!!!  I still remember them and seldom sing them randomly! The absolute worst part about church as a kid was having to kneel for long periods of time on the uncomfortable kneelers.  Looking on the bright side, Fridays went a lot faster because of mass.

    Pastor, church and man praying for his congregation to god for spiritual wellness on a Sunday. Hope, religious and priest preaching to christian people standing on a podium in a cathedral building.

  • CCD Kids Messing With Your Stuff

    CCD stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.  One night a week, my school would have public school kids who were catholic and wanted to receive their sacraments for religion class.  They would sit at our desks and learn the sacraments and other religious teachings.  The only problem with this was that we kept all of our books, pens, notes, and personal stuff inside of our desks.  Well, these kids used to go through our stuff, deface the desks, etc…  I won’t say all of them did it and the ones who did definitely got reprimanded but it was still annoying.  I was friends with a few of them so they used to mess with my desk a lot of leave me notes.  Darn, CCD kids.

    young Girl drawing at a desk

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