Andre Gardner

The same time the first commercial CDs were produced (they were ABBA CDs manufactured in Germany) and the Dodgers and Cubs played a 22-inning game at Wrigley, these were MGK’s Top 10 Rock Albums Form August 17, 1982.

  • 10. Escape - Journey

    The album that turned Journey into international superstars was their seventh called Escape. Over a year after it first entered the charts, it was still in the top 10 at #10.

  • 9. All Four One - The Motels

    The Motels hailed from Berkley, California, and hit it big with their third album, All Four One. It peaked here at #9 and gave the band their first, and biggest, hit, “Only The Lonely.”

  • 8. Three Sides Live - Genesis

    The third live album by Genesis, called Three Sides Live, was just that. It was three sides of a double LP full of live recordings from 1976 through the Abacab tour in 1981, plus one side of Abacab studio outtakes, and tracks from an earlier EP. The album peaked here at #8 and let’s play one of those great studio recordings on side 4!

  • 7. Toto IV - Toto

    Former studio musicians-turned-rockstars Toto scored in a big way with their fourth album, Toto IV. It peaked at #4 on the chart, won them three Grammy awards in 1983, and gave them their first #1 single, “Africa.” Toto IV was #7 on August 17, 1982.

  • 6. Daylight Again - Crosby Stills And Nash

    What started out as a Stills-Nash album project turned into the whole CSN shooting match, with Daylight Again, the #5 rock album on August 17, 1982. From it is this Crosby, Stills And Nash classic.

  • 5. Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

    After his previous album was a bit of a disappointment in terms of sales, Steve Miller came right back with his biggest selling album in several years. Abracadabra was #5 on August 17, 1982, on its way to peaking at #3.

  • 4. American Fool - John Cougar

    It took five albums before the kid known as John Cougar became a household name. This is the one that did it for him – American Fool, which hit the top spot in the summer of 1982, and drops to #4 this week.

  • 3. Asia - Asia

    The hype preceding this album’s release was HUGE, and the band surely lived up to it. The self-titled debut album by Asia not only hit #1 on the chart, it was the biggest selling album of the year! It was #3 on August 17, 1982.

  • 2. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

    This next song spent fifteen weeks in the top 10, and was the second biggest selling single of the year, behind Olivia Newtown-John’s “Physical.” It’s “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor, the title track from the #2 rock album on MGK’s Thursday Top 10 Countdown.

  • 1. Mirage - Fleetwood Mac

    Topping the charts this week is the thirteenth album by a truly legendary band. After taking a year off for the members to explore solo projects, they returned to a Chateau in France, the same place where Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was recorded, and made a solid album which became their third to top the charts. #1 on August 17, 1982 was Mirage by Fleetwood Mac.

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