Today, I figured I would do a throwback Thursday type of post and look back on my early radio career.

And by early in my radio career I mean my first job in the industry ever!

My first gig in radio was actually at a station called 106.1 WBLI in Long Island, New York in a section called Patchogue.

I was the weekend overnight guy like many first-timers in the radio business are when they begin their career, but I loved every second of it.

Even if it meant not going out as much on the weekends anymore.

You all know me by my real name, Matt Cord, but back then I actually went by an alias.

Well, half alias, I guess!

I went by Matt O’Bryan!

In addition to my overnight shift, during the regular work week, I did a show on local cable called “Countdown Long Island.”

On the show, we counted down the top ten videos every week and introduced a new one each week, so in total, we would play 11 videos!

Remember when music videos were such a huge part of the music scene?

I miss those days!

Back when MTV actually played videos instead of all the reality programs they are known for these days.

What a time!

Anyway, this was back when I had my long hair and all!

I actually still have a video from one of the shows that I will post for you below!

The video is capturing me introducing a video for the band, Mike and the Mechanics, and their new video at the time for a song called, “The Living Years.

It is actually crazy looking back on all these years in the radio industry, and how lucky I am to still be a part of it with such loyal listeners like you!

Thanks to everyone who has listened in along the way, all the way from Long Island to right here in Philly!

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