As someone who just binged and is caught up on Succession – by the way – that last episode (!!!) – this is fascinating.

Can you even wrap your brain around being this rich? Do yourself a favor and watch a video on the difference between a million and a billion. I don’t think people realize how much a billion is. It could literally wipe out poverty, especially poverty in American. Anyway, I digress. There are a lot of really really rich person in our area. This list also makes me wish I was good in math and got into finance, because that’s how you get this rich, knowing the stock market. However if you watch Succession you know that being that rich can cause a lot of problems. People go crazy when money is involved. I’d like to be a fun rich. Where you can basically do whatever you want but don’t need security to follow you.

One of the Top Richest people IN THE WORLD is based here in Philly. Actually it’s even closer to us at the radio station because it’s across the street in Bala Cynwyd. I have always noticed there was a helicopter landing pad, but didn’t realize it’s because the company is that big of a deal. Then I watched Succession and realized, ohh that’s why. Rich people don’t sit in traffic on the Schuylkill.

Needless to say the majority of the owners of our Philadelphia sports teams made the list. We know how important the sports teams are to the city so it makes sense the owners are loaded. Guess which team didn’t make this? Yep, you guessed it, The Flyers! It’s sad how much that franchise has struggles since Ed Snider passed away. Comcast Spectacor is the official owner of the Flyers now, which is just strange.

  • Formers Sixers Owner Michael Rubin #151

    Michael founded Fanatics, and was also the owner of the Sixers up until this season.

  • Victoria Mars #195

    Heir to the Mars Candy Fortune!

  • Josh Harris #442

    Sixers Owner – Can he help the Sixers FINALLY win a championship?  How rich is Josh?  He also owns the New Jersey Devils and is close to being the new owner of the Washington Commanders!


  • Jeffery Lurie #624


  • Jeff Yass #48 on Fobes Top 50 List

    The Headquarters are in Bala, right across the street from the radio station, maybe I can meet him for lunch one day and ask him for some tips.

  • Brian Roberts #1725

    Owner of Comcast is far down on the list, which honestly I didn’t expect.   Fun Fact, they put a mini William Penn on top of this beam and then the Eagles won the Super Bowl in Feb 2018!!

  • Richard Yuengling Jr. #2540

    Our favorite beer is now a BILLION dollar company!


  • John Middleton #852

    Another team owner, this time it’s the Phillies.

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