Philadelphia is an awesome place to visit for some good grub. Some of our local restaurants were seen on TV! Guy Fieri’s show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, to be more specific.

“Triple D” looks at food across America from all kinds of  “greasy spoon” establishments. Guy visits locally well-known restaurants and talks to the staff as well as the customers to learn more about the grub. The show has been on since 2007 and is STILL making episodes. There is no shortage of great food in the country, especially when there are so many hidden gems. And boy, does Guy find ’em all.

Most of the spots featured on the show have crazy unique menu items. Guy goes back in the kitchen and gets an inside look on how the restaurant’s most popular dishes are made. Most of the time, you’ll see American comfort foods such as barbecue, hamburgers, and a good bacon-and-egg breakfast. The show also shines a spotlight on places that serve regional or cultural specialties.

Every chef and eatery makes their own spin on classics and they all look so delicious.

If you know Philly, then you know it’s not surprising that multiple spots from around here have appeared on the show. Our food scene is simply unmatched. We have such a wealth of inviting establishments with mouth-watering dishes in this city. Plus, you can find cuisine from all over the world in such close proximity. So it makes sense that Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has hit this area a lot.

This list how now become a goal for us. And it may become one for you, too: to eat at every single one of these restaurants as soon as humanly possible (if you haven’t already), because dang do they look amazing.

Here are 11 restaurants in Philly that were shown on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ :

  • Good Dog Bar

    Good Dog Bar was seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in 2010. They were on an episode called “Fresh, Filled and Fried,” and they showed off their take on empanadas. Even though the episode aired 13 years ago, the empanadas are still on the menu. The fillings change daily, so they’re definitely made hot and fresh. Good Dog Bar is still as popular as ever. With all kinds of changing daily specials, you’re sure to want to keep coming back.

  • Silk City

    This restaurant took to Triple D to show off their fried-food selections. Silk City offers classic American grub all in a retro-style diner. If you stop by this spot you can get more than some delicious diner food. They also have a large selection of beers and cocktails, and live music!  It’s the perfect eatery to land on the show, as its a classic-as-classic-can-be diner. True Americana vibes.

  • Honey's Sit 'N Eat

    Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat has such a cool take on food. Imagine if Tex-Mex and Jewish food were combined. That’s exactly what owners Jeb and Ellen have done. They drew from their Southern and East-Coast roots to make something truly magical. The episode they were on featured “Quirky Classics.” They’re definitely quirky alright, but it works! They serve breakfast all day, as well as some Kosher delights. Their remarkable combination of two things that don’t seem like they’d mesh totally landed them on the show.

  • The Sidecar Bar & Grille

    This gourmet bar-food joint showed off their clam chowder with gnocchi on Triple D. The Sidecar Bar & Grille may not feature that item on their menu right now, but that’s okay. They have so much more, from an extensive brunch menu, to head-turning starters like kung pao brussels sprouts and mussels! The family-friendly joint has outdoor dining and late-night hours.

  • South Philadelphia Tap Room

    South Philadelphia Tap Room was shown on an episode that featured cool takes on traditional food. So take their fried PB&J for example. SPTR has so much to offer when it comes to mouth-wateringly special dishes. From their crab deviled eggs, to their tomato soup cooked with lager, you’re sure to find something you’ve never tried before. Branch out and try South Philadelphia Tap Room.

  • The Dining Car

    Let the neon lights of The Dining Car draw you in. If you’re looking for a true diner with Americana vibes, head over here. Head here for some classic breakfast options. Or hit it up at lunchtime for a great burger. There’re nothing like a true American breakfast to get your day started. Delicious options such as sausage, hot cakes, and French toast await you. And if you’re Philly like that, try their scrapple and pork roll. Those are what got them on the show back in 2008.

  • Standard Tap

    Standard Tap is anything but standard. This gastropub makes delectable, flavorful versions of classics. The chicken pie is one of their most popular dishes. It includes “chicken ragout with carrots, celery, onions, and mushrooms served in a puff pastry crust on a bed of mixed greens with red onions dressed in mustard vinaigrette,” according to their menu. How could you turn down something that sounds so amazing? They have plenty more, too. Try their wide assortment of small plates for size.

  • Mom-Mom's Kitchen

    The name of this restaurant is so inviting. Who wouldn’t want to eat at a place called Mom-Mom’s Kitchen? This family-run restaurant landed on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives thanks to their pierogis. And wow, they have tons of pierogis. Cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, and vegan pierogi await you at Mom-Mom’s. They also have a prepare-at-home option for their pierogi. What’s more Philly than their option for a “bottle of Wooder” on their menu, too?

  • Hardena

    Do you like Indonesian food? Want to try it? Hardena is the place for you. They were on Triple D in 2020. Guy Fieri even called the “The Indonesian Ambassador of Flavortown.” They combine Indonesian cuisine with Philly preparation. For example, their Indonesians-inspired hoagies. If you’re looking to branch out and try something you’ve never had before, this is the spot to hit. It all looks so amazing.

  • Gaul & Co. Malt House

    Gaul & Co. Malt House is famous for their “Witorwitowski,” a kielbasa cheesesteak. Its a play off the “wit or wit out” thing Philadelphians say. Also on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in 2020, their atmosphere and wide selection of craft drinks makes them a must-visit. For some really great, really Philly food, this is the eatery to consider. They have tons of bar food and drinks to pair with ’em. Plus, it’s a hoppin place with lots of people to chat with.

  • Stogie Joe's Tavern

    This tavern is a popular place with Philly food. Stogie Joe’s was opened in 2008 to serve essentials with the freshest ingredients. It’s a great place to visit when you want to kick back, eat good food, maybe watch the game, and not break the bank. Everything at Stogie Joe’s is homemade and delicious. From pizza to pierogi to Stromboli, they are here to satisfy any “Philly” craving you may be having.

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