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Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top will perform as the headliners at MGK’s Big Gig 2023 as part of the Sharp Dressed Simple Man Tour.

The annual celebration of Philly’s best classic rock station will take place at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion on the Camden Waterfront on September 17, 2023. Tickets are on sale now to see the tour’s only stop in the Philadelphia area.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The quintessential Southern Rock band originally formed in 1973.

They rose to a status as one of the most iconic bands of the golden era of Rock & Roll. A tragic plane crash killed three band members and six people total in 1977. However, Lynyrd Skynyrd has shown resilience in the decades following the tragedy, even earning a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2006.

Hits like “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Free Bird,” and “Simple Man” still play constantly nearly 50 years after their release.

Their easily identifiable connection with southern culture has also helped maintain the band’s image over a long period of time.

The Sharp Dressed Simple Man Tour

The two Rock & Roll giants have begun the cleverly-named “Sharp Dressed, Simple Man Tour.” The name is an homage to one hit single from each of the two bands.  Their first tour together will include stops in 22 cities in the United States. They’ll save the best for last, as MGK Big Gig will be their final show.

ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with special guest Uncle Kracker, kicked off the tour on Friday, July 21 at the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida. The setlists from both bands included some of their biggest hits. However, they also did an excellent job of mixing in some of their lesser-known work.

Their trip to Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in September will continue a tradition that’s become the signature event of 102.9 WMGK.

Take a peek at the Lynyrd Skynyrd setlist from the tour’s first show to warm up. Then, move over to hear ZZ Top’s setlist next.

  • Workin' for MCA


    Want you to sign your contract
    Want you to sign today
    Gonna give you lots of money
    Workin’ For MCA

  • Skynyrd Nation


    Turn it up, crank it out, let me hear you shout!
    That sweet soul southern music!
    So put your hands in the air
    Give us all you’ve got

  • What's Your Name


    What’s your name, little girl?
    What’s your name?
    Shootin’ you straight, little girl?
    Won’t you do the same?

  • That Smell


    Angel of darkness is upon you
    Stuck a needle in your arm
    So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
    And one more drink fool, will drown you

    Ooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell

  • Whiskey Rock-a-Roller


    I’m headed down a highway got a suitcase by my side
    Blue skies hangin’ over my head I got five hundred miles to ride
    I’m goin’ down to Memphis town to play a late night show
    I hope the people are ready there ’cause the boys are all ready to go

  • The Needle and the Spoon


    It was the needle and the spoon
    And a trip to the moon
    Took me away, took me away

  • Saturday Night Special


    Mister Saturday Night Special
    Got a barrel that’s blue and cold
    That ain’t good for nothin’
    But puttin’ men six feet in a hole

  • The Ballad of Curtis Loew


    Old Curt was a black man with white curly hair
    When he had a fifth of wine he did not have a care
    He used to own an old dobro used to play it across his knees
    I’d give old Curt my money he’d play all day for me

    Play me a song Curtis Loew, Curtis Loew
    Well I got your drinking money tune up your dobro
    People said he was useless, them people all were fools
    ‘Cause Curtis Loew was the finest picker to ever play the blues

  • I Know a Little


    Well the bigger the city well the brighter the lights
    The bigger the dog well the harder the bite
    I don’t know where you been last night
    But I think Mama you ain’t doin’ right

  • Tuesday's Gone


    Well Tuesday, you see
    Oh, she had to be free, Lord but
    Somehow I got to carry on, Lordy

    Tuesday’s gone, with the wind

  • Simple Man


    Take your time, don’t live too fast
    Troubles will come and they will pass
    You’ll find a woman, yeah, and you’ll find love
    And don’t forget son there is someone up above

  • Gimme Three Steps


    Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister
    Gimme three steps towards the door?
    Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister
    And you’ll never see me no more

  • Call Me the Breeze


    They call me the breeze
    I keep blowin’ down the road
    I ain’t got me nobody
    I don’t carry me no load
    Ain’t no change in the weather
    Ain’t no changes in me

  • Sweet Home Alabama


    Big wheels keep on turnin’
    Carry me home to see my kin
    Singin’ songs about the Southland
    I miss Alabamy once again, and I think it’s a sin

  • Free Bird


    But if I stay here with you, girl
    Things just couldn’t be the same
    ‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now
    And this bird you cannot change

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