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The 2024 MGK-9 Dog Fest was a huge success!

I often ask myself, “What is the greatest combination of things in the world,” and oftentimes it comes down to two things — dogs and music.

Well, this weekend, I got to combine the two, and it added up to an amazing day.

A little tunes provided by MGK, dogs galore, and a great spring day.

What more could you ask for?

Inside The 2024 MGK-9 Dog Fest…

Just like in years past, the 2024 MGK-9 Dog Fest was held over the weekend at Green Lake Park in Towamencin Township.

For those unfamiliar, Towamencin Township is in Upper Montgomery County.

The MGK-9 Dog Fest continues to be a great event that we do on a yearly basis here at MGK.

The whole purpose of the event is to help support animal shelters and rescues all over the Delaware Valley.

So a bunch of people come out and set up tents where people can go and get information and how to support each cause.

Plus, a ton of food and drink vendors come out, so the crowd doesn’t go hungry.

Oh, and how could I forget the best part?

A ton of listeners and great people come out, with their four-legged friends to enjoy the event!

MGK-9 Dog Fest
MGK-9 Dog Fest Photo by: Matt Cord for BBGI Philadelphia

This year I got to host the Simon Says Contest with dog owners and their dogs.

I have to say, we had some pretty obedient dogs this year.

They listened to pretty much every command — it was incredible.

A Big Thanks…

I want to send a big thank you to our leaders Eric Johnson and Kara Lester, who made everything work like magic at this year’s MGK-9 Dog Fest.

Funnily enough, I came really, really close to adopting a puppy, but my wife’s voice kept ringing in my ear, “Don’t you dare!”

Well, there’s always next year!

Looks like I have some convincing to do, and if you missed it, hopefully, I’ll see you at next year’s MGK-9 Dog Fest!

  • Dog or Lion?

    MGK-9 Dog Fest


    I thought the MGK-9 Dog Fest was strictly for dogs, but it looks like a lion made its way to the event. What a funny dog costume.

  • Dog or Peacock?

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Not only did a lion make an appearance, but apparently a peacock did as well! I felt like I was at the Philadelphia Zoo.

  • Big Johnson and an MGK Listener Named Paul


    MGK-9 Dog Fest
    Our leader here at MGK, Eric Johnson. He was chatting it up with an MGK listener named Paul.

  • Great Looking Dogs

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Look at these beauties. There were so many great looking dogs at the event.

  • Some of the Crowd

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Even when the weather is not the best, our listeners still show up. Big thanks to everyone who made it out to the MGK-9 Dog Fest despite the weather.

  • Dynamo Dogs

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Bonnie and her Dynamo Dogs. They put on a fun show every year at the event. So talented.

  • Rita's

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Rita’s was nice enough to come out to the event. What is your favorite flavor of water ice?

  • Embers BBQ

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Embers was one of the vendors at the event. They have some of the best barbecue food around.

  • Crooked Eye Brewing

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    Crooked Eye Brewing provided some adult beverages at the event. They have some great beer.

  • Mr. Sticky's

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    If you have never had a Mr. Sticky’s sticky bun, then you are missing out. Just writing about it has me craving one.

  • The MGK Tent

    MGK-9 Dog Fest

    The famous MGK Tent. Whenever you see this you know some good tunes are around. Maybe some swag too!

  • Bonnie and Her Dynamo Dogs

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