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Thursday (04/25) on The John DeBella Show

At 6:20 - "The Question From Hell" for Bizarre World of Frank Zappa tickets At 7:40 - "Job Scramble" At 8:00 - Win $1000 with "I Love Lots Of Dough 2.0" At 8:10 -Author Chris Salewicz on his new Jimmy Page book and at 8:35 - "Classic Rock Line-up" for Classic Rock Cookout tickets

'Full Moon Fever': Every Song Ranked

Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever contains 12 tracks. Truth be told, ranking 12 tracks shouldn't be a terribly difficult task. However, when it comes to ranking the songs from Full Moon Fever, there's just one problem: There isn't a weak song on this classic album.  

Kohl's To Begin Accepting Amazon Returns

I don't know about you, but with Amazon Prime nowadays the impulse purchases are nonstop. With packages arriving at my doorstep every other day the want definitely outweighs the need so it is really great to hear that starting this summer all the unwanted impulse buys can be returned to my local Kohl's!