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The Daily Podcast (08/16)

A big show today with a big guest! Steve Perry was on for the first time ever, and told us about his over 20 year journey back into creating music. We had a mystery sound that needed deciphering, heard about the death of a "support peacock," and rounded up the top responses for "Song Intros…

Aretha Franklin Through the Years

The incomparable Aretha Franklin blazed a trail for countless others and her indelible mark on music is next to none.  Her passing today at the age of 76 is a reminder that there has never been a voice like hers and there likely won't be one ever again.

Steve Perry Podcast

He's back in the rock game after a hiatus lasting over 20 years and John was honored to finally interview Steve Perry this morning! He told us why he suddenly left Journey, and all about his own personal journey back into creating music with his new album Traces. Will he tour soon? Of course we…

7 Awe-Inspiring Aretha Franklin Performances

In an era of backing tracks and studio wizardry, only the true talents rise up to the top.  Aretha Franklin never needed Auto-Tune or any assistance when it came to her voice, and throughout six decades, she proved time and time again why she was “The Queen of Soul.”