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VIDEO - Billy Joel Concert Prep

We couldn't be more excited for Billy Joel's return to Philly on 7/27 at Citizen's BankPark.  Check out thes set lists, including last year's Philly set list plus this concert video to get you psyched for the show.

The Daily Podcast (07/18)

In today's Daily Podcast, Dave forgot what day of the week it was, the guys became depressed after crunching numbers on the salary of Amazon's CEO, Period Parties are now the latest trend, a new creation from the Fashion World - High Heeled Crocs, the wheel was spun on for Long Song Wednesday, a blend…

5 Things That Remind Us Of Brian May

Today (7/9) is Queen guitarist Brian May’s birthday! The rocker’s inventive songwriting and iconic riffs set him apart as one of the best axemen of all-time. But there’s more to May than meets the eye. In honor of his birthday, we take a look at five things that remind us of him.