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Kathy Wagner joined the WMGK airstaff in March of 1999. Before that, she could be heard on WZXL in Atlantic City, WSTW in Wilmington, WYSP in Philly, and as a traffic announcer on various stations including KYW NewsRadio. She recently adopted a retired racing greyhound and regularly volunteers her time at a local kennel caring for the dogs. Her favorite Rita's water ice flavor is banana, she owns every episode of MacGyver on DVD, and is internationally known for making the world's best chocolate chip cookies.


Timothy B. Schmit Interview - Part 8

In April 2009, Timothy got together with his Poco bandmates to perform at Stagecoach.  In Part 8 of this interview, he talks about what it was like to take part in this very special reunion.  He also explains why his right hand was bandaged... --------------------------------------------- For PART 9 of this interview, click here: http://www.wmgk.com/shows/kathy-wagner/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10093559


Timothy B. Schmit Interview - Part 7

Timothy's 4th solo album, Feed The Fire (2001), included a beautiful acapella song called "Top Of The Stairs" which showcases his stunning tenor voice.  In fact, the lead vocal, background vocals, and harmonies are all him!  Here, he explains how and why he recorded that track. ----------------------------- For PART 8 of this interview, click here:http://www.wmgk.com/shows/kathy-wagner/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10093557