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The Daily Podcast (11/30)

Every Friday show should sound like this one. We had another casualty in our Little Drummer Boy Challenge! We talked Charlie Watts on drums, whoever on farfisa, Hells Bells being played in European cathedrals, a kid named Abcde, half Christmas trees, and welcomed comedian Dana Gould after hearing Geno Bisconte's Eagles/ Redskins pick!

Comedian Dana Gould Podcast

Comedian Dana Gould is a longtime veteran of the comedy game, and it had been a long time since he graced our show, but that ended today! He's performing at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, so he stopped by and told us about his adopted Asian daughters making fun of Asians. He also recently experienced…

The Daily Podcast (11/29)

We were here, there and everywhere today on the show! We started things out by talking about a school district's asinine idea to foil active shooters, the Big Mouth Billy Bass gag is back with a modern twist, we read some excerpts from, heard an FDA warning about "rhino enhancements" for male sexuality, and…