Cyndy Drue Interviews Jesse Colin Young of The Youngbloods

WMGK's Cyndy Drue interviewed Jesse Colin Young recently about the time his band The Youngbloods played with Led Zeppelin, what he thinks of Robert Plant's recording of his song Darkness Darkness, how he found his young band for his first new album in 13 years "Dreamers" (BMG) coming out February 15, 2019 and more. Check…

Led Zeppelin: All 92 Songs Ranked

This year will mark the 50th anniversaries of Led Zeppelin's first two studio albums, Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppelin II.  These landmark albums, and their catalog as a whole, have become more beloved and revered with time as they've been passed down through generations and become standards for which future bands are measured. 

5 Best Zeppelin Songs Co-Written By John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones celebrates his birthday today (January 3), and while Jimmy Page and Robert Plant get a lot of attention for writing Zeppelin’s biggest hits, Jones has his share of songwriting credits on many fan favorites. In honor of his birthday, we look at five of the best Zeppelin songs co-written by…

17 Albums That Turn 40 In 2019

Fun fact about 1979:  A ton of amazing albums came out that year! With 2019 upon us, these 17 albums will be celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Honestly, they sound just as fantastic as did when they were released.