Weekend DJs


Rich DeSisto

Rich has been jumping around the FM dial since 1987. You may have heard his voice on WPST, WZXL, WMGM, WYSP and our sister station BEN FM.  Rich joined the MGK airstaff in 2013 and can be regularly heard on the weekend….and sometimes filling in for Debbi, Andre or Ray.

Cyndy Drue

Cyndy Drue grew up outside Philadelphia in Worcester, Pa listening to the “boss jocks” on WFIL. She had a radio show at Centenary College in New Jersey, her first job at WSAN in Allentown, and eventually landed at her dream station, WMMR from 1983-1996. One of her favorite perks of the job is getting to interview the artists. But if only she hadn’t turned down Bono’s dinner invitation back in 1980….She loves playing all the classic rock on WMGK Saturdays 11am-4m. Cyndy writes a blog on wmgk.com as Event Reporter. To find out more about her, check out her website www.cyndydrue.com.

Tony Harris

Tony Harris has been a music programmer and on the air in Philadelphia consistently since 1981 and with MGK since February 2001. He is a native Philadelphian and shares a birthday with Andre Gardner…same day, same year, hours apart with Andre the younger by 3 hours! You will hear him on Saturday Mornings from 6AM to 11AM and on numerous voiceovers and commercials. He is our Production Director & Programming Ops Director and creates and co-steers all things recorded on MGK. His attention to detail insures the highest quality audio you can get on FM and HD. Tony also programs WMGK HD2 which plays great AM Radio Pop, Rock, Motown & Philly classics. Should you have a suggestion about any of the programming (including quality control) Tony’s our guy!

Jim Kinney

Jim Kinney is a Philly guy. He has lived here all his life, with a 15–year jaunt to the Mid–West in the middle, starting his radio journey in Sharon, Pa. He went through Beaver Falls, Pa., Pittsburgh, Dayton, and Madison, Wis. before returning to Philly. He's a Masterman and Central H.S. alum and has a bachelors degree in broadcasting and journalism from Kent State University. Classic Rock is his music and he has more than 300 concert ticket stubs to prove it. He also has an extensive travel resume, having been in 43 states and 6 foreign countries, and loves to spend time outdoors, usually taking his camera with him.

T Morgan

T Morgan, a Philly Radio legend, is considered to be the father of Classic rock in Philly. In 1967, the young DJ was somehow able to convince a Philly station to play a new brand of music that included artists like: The Doors, Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, etc. Besides his time on the airwaves, he was a record producer and has been associated with many name artists. In time, his love for Classic Rock brought him to WMGK. With his vast knowledge of music, he has helped write research and perform many of the famous weekend specials on WMGK.

Art Shimko

I've always loved radio and dreamed of being a disc jockey, instead I went to art school in Philadelphia and worked as a graphic designer for 16 years. I decided to go back to school and pursue my passion for broadcasting; soon I landed an internship with the John DeBella show on WMGK. I was hired and trained to be a board operator and produce remote broadcasts for the station. I am now hosting my own airshift.

Kathy Wagner

Kathy Wagner joined the WMGK air staff in March of 1999. Before that, she could be heard on WZXL in Atlantic City, WSTW in Wilmington, WYSP in Philly, and as a traffic announcer on various stations including KYW NewsRadio. She recently adopted a retired racing greyhound and regularly volunteers her time at a local kennel caring for the dogs. Her favorite Rita's water ice flavor is banana, she owns every episode of MacGyver on DVD, and is internationally known for making the world's best chocolate chip cookies.