Prince‘s iconic Purple Rain was released 34 years ago today (June 25), and it’s run on the top of the Billboard album charts has made it one of the most successful soundtracks of all time.

This got us thinking about other soundtracks that topped the Billboard charts throughout the years.  Here are seven, and some may surprise you.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

The Saturday Night Fever not only topped the Billboard album charts for a staggering 24 weeks, it also won the GRAMMY for Album of the Year.

Purple Rain (1984)

What Saturday Night Fever was to the 1970s, that’s what Purple Rain was to the 1980s.  Oddly enough, this Prince vehicle also topped the Billboard album charts for 24 weeks.


Mary Poppins (1965)

An undeniable classic that has entertained families for generations, the soundtrack to Disney’s Mary Poppins topped the Billboard album charts for 14 weeks in 1965 thanks to the incomparable Julie Andrews.


Guardians of the Galaxy:  Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (2014)

What makes this soundtrack’s success so interesting is that it’s the only soundtrack to top the Billboard 200 album chart that is comprised entirely of previously released songs.  It’s worth mentioning that each track is a classic rock/classic hits mainstay, which only helps prove the staying power of these songs.


Wayne’s World (1992)

Another example of the power of classic rock!  This soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 charts for two weeks on the strength of the film’s use of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


Miami Vice (1985-86)

Just how huge was this TV series?  Its soundtrack was the number one album on the Billboard charts for 11 weeks with tracks from Glenn Frey, Tina Turner, Phil Collins and that killer instrumental theme from Jan Hammer.

Glenn Frey - Smuggler's Blues

I don't own the rights to this video.. But he passed today so I hope the powers that be give him a pass for a few days... See ya on the other side, Glenn. Have a Tequila Sunrise ready for me...


Top Gun (1986)

Kenny Loggins, FTW!  Between “Danger Zone” and Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” it’s no wonder this soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 chart for five weeks in 1986.


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