Slash celebrates his birthday on July 23. Instead of looking back at the many moments that have cemented him as one of the coolest guitar heroes of all time, let’s look back at one of Slash’s more humorous moments in his career.

We’ve all been tempted by guitar deals online, but sometimes they can be a bit sketchy. Fortunately, Conan O’Brien made this segment and brought Slash along to shop for guitars he found on Craigslist. Of course, the rest of us won’t have Slash by our side to make sure we’re not getting jobbed on a sale, but we all can dream.

Slash can be seen clearly grinning at Conan’s antics. They ended up not buying a guitar, but both Slash and Conan didn’t leave empty-handed from the third seller they visited, who was clearly a bit of a hoarder.


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