Metallica is one of the most popular, influential bands of all time, but not everyone is a fan of the metal legends.

Matt Healy, the frontman for The 1975, recently took part in an interview with Pitchfork. When describing the way Healy speaks, Pitchfork noted, ” Based on a rough tally, he drops variations of the word ‘f—‘ about 200 times total in a single afternoon, usually to turn the volume up on something he adores or abhors, as in ‘f— yeah’ he’s a Kate Bush fan, or, conversely, ‘I f—ing hate Metallica. My worst band of all time.”

Healy’s explanation of why he thinks Metallica is the worst band of all time wasn’t included in the Pitchfork piece. It also wasn’t clear whether he elaborated in the first place. Metal Hammer noted Healy has a history of publicly hating on Metallica reporting, “In a 2020 podcast he conducted for ‘The Face‘, Healy said that while he was ‘always a big metal fan’, he never liked Metallica.”

From just this brief gathering of quotes, it seems as though some journalist should really follow up with Healy and get an explanation why he hates Metallica so much. It’s a rather bold statement to make, whether Healy actually hates Metallica or is saying it to look “cool.”

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