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This track explores the concept of corruption, manipulation, and greed within religion. James Hetfield’s furious vocals accompany the heavy, inverted power chords perfectly. This one definitely goes down as one of the best on the record. And for ‘Master Of Puppets,’ that’s saying something. (ST)

Crypto is having a bad time at the moment. I never understood anything about it, and it always seemed like a scam. Where was this fake money coming from, and why is it even worth anything? I never heard any stories of crypto miners trapped a mile and a half underground. So are they really even miners? Just never understood it, but really never even attempted to understand it either. Give me the physical dollars/plastic. As Randy Moss once said, “straight cash homie.”

As if crypto currency didn’t seem like a scam already, Metallica has had to issue a warning to fans because some people on the internet are falling for BitCoin scams. A 51 year old man fell for the scam and transferred $25,500 of Bitcoin to a scammer on a fake Metallica Youtube page. first of all, come on man. You’re only 51 and should know better. If you were 30-40 years older you could have some wiggle room. At 51, you should be able to sniff out a scam! Whatever, this guy screwed up and Metallica has issued a warning to it’s fans alerting them to the scams.

From the band: “In the wake of last week’s exciting news of our new song, new album, and new tour, unfortunately the ugly side of social media made an appearance. Many of you have let us know about YouTube channels and live streams, as well as websites, claiming to offer Metallica Crypto giveaways in conjunction with last week’s announcement. Let’s be as clear as possible. These are scams. They’re being streamed on fake YouTube channels posing to be ours and all pointing to websites that we do not run. Please remember – all of our official social media channels are verified. Always look for official verification before believing something wild and crazy to be true. We thank all of you who have been vigilant in reporting these live streams to YouTube and to us… please don’t let up!”

Metallica went on to list all of their verified social accounts in hopes that it would help clear up any confusion.

Bottom line: Be smarter on the internet! If it seems too good to be true it always is.

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