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2024 Grammys Gift Bags Worth 36 Thousand Dollars

People who can afford to purchase a $36-thousand gift bag shouldn't be gifted it, but this is the world of promotion we live in. This has been going on for 25 years now. Performers and presenters are all given these gift bags. 145 people were the recipients of large duffel bags full of stuff. They bags are filled with over the top items and some super expensive experiences. The 2024 Grammy bags were no different. The thing is some of the stuff they're given is absolutely absurd and you would never buy it. No wonder they're giving it away. Let's take a look at some of the goodies. A private performance by mentalist Carl Christman - $25,000 So Carl saw the press Oz the mentalist was getting on ESPN and Twitter and realized he had to do something to get his name out there. One would think he should've seen Oz's fame coming and could get out ahead of it. Smart Bird Feeder - $299 For all the birders, who are too lazy to actually bird watch. The feeder will take, and send you pictures. For 25 bucks they could get a clear one that sticks to their window. They can see the birds feeding in person. Pretty cool, to see them all lined up waiting their turn. Until a big morning dove comes flying in hot spraying seed everywhere! Noise Cancelling headphones from Dyson - $699 The company that makes vacuums gifted these celebs with noise cancelling headphones, but they come with an attachable air purifier to really make you look like and idiot. Take a peek. You look like a character from a bad Mortal Kombat remake. Robotic pool cleaner - $699 It let's the owner clean their pool remotely from their phone. These people are worth millions of dollars... are they really cleaning their own pools? Other things in the duffel bags are equally ridiculous. A $495 pillow case and a $282 canvas bag of dog food. Each also receives a sleep study worth $299. So we finally have an answer to the question, "what do you get someone who has everything?" A duffel bag of overpriced sh*t. [select-listicle listicle_id="837087" syndication_name="times-grammys-got-record-of-the-year-wrong" description="yes"]

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