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Christmas Lights: NE Philly Edition

Last night we made a trip to the Bustleton neighborhood of North East Philly for some Christmas lights. We've done this each of the last few years with the kids. It's not one of the usual Christmas sights. It's never crowded, I'm not sure if people don't realize they can go in the parking lot or we're just a handful of weirdos trespassing on a private business. I do know we're not trespassing, they leave the parking lot gate wide open and have spots for photos. It's the headquarters of American Heritage Federal Credit Union on Red Lion Road. The 2 buildings, especially the main building is gorgeous. It looks like an enormous mansion. I once convinced a kid in high school that was driving me home that that was my house. Kid's are dumb, even in high school. They decorate everything for Christmas and it looks amazing. Building, trees, things inside windows, carraiges hooked to fake horses, a garland lit gazebo. If you're in the area it's definitely a good spot to take young kids. It's not too large for them to walk the whole time, and depending on how many photos you (and maybe they) want it should only take like 25 minutes. Panorama shot of the entire American Heritage Federal Credit Union building all decorated and lit for Christmas. A nicely decorated and lit gazebo for picture taking. Just need to hope there isn't a group of 20 something girls taking a millions selfies and instagram shots while you stand there with your 3 young kids waiting in the 35° weather... Two goofs and their baby sister. "Dad, get a picture of me with these deer!" "Dad take a picture of me with the deer." "And me with the presents!" A carriage ride with the nice building let in the background. The horse wouldn't go anywhere, wouldn't even look at me.   The boys getting a little crazy under the Christmas light tunnel. [select-listicle listicle_id="937601" syndication_name="8-places-in-philadelphia-that-are-open-on-christmas-day" description="yes"]