7 Incredible Streaming Shows To Watch October 2023

Need something new to watch? We've got the shows to watch in October 2023 to help pass the time in the fall. This is really the time of the year in order to get home, cuddle up with your bestie, and stream, stream, STREAM! Included in this list, are most of the major streaming services, some new shows, and some new seasons of older shows plus some you've never heard of. The best shows to watch in October 2023 aren't easy It wasn't an easy list to make because there are so many great shows out there to choose from but hopefully, I nailed this one. The important things I wanted to focus on were the diversity of both shows and streaming services. In my humble opinion, there are really nine BIG streaming services that are creating shows and movies for consumers. Those are Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, Starz, Max (formerly HBOMax), Peacock, and Disney+. Which are the best? Well, Tom's Guide has a list for you. [caption id="attachment_223445" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Disney+)[/caption] New shows to watch this fall This is the really big Google entry along with shows to watch in October 2023. Do you start a new show or binge a couple of seasons of something that's been around for a while? Let's talk NEW SHOWS. Because, everybody loves something shiny and new, right? I know that I do! With so many streaming options, there are always new shows being created and coming out. One of my favorite things are limited series. This is a one-season-only engagement of a show. It's basically a movie over eight episodes (or whatever it is). 7 shows to watch in October 2023

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