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The Greatest 90’s Kids Computer Game

If you asked an millennials aged between 30-37 what was the greatest computer game growing up? The majority of people, at least the majority of men, would tell you Backyard Baseball or Backyard Football. This was the premiere computer game when we were growing up. The older Millennials and Gen Xers had Doom, we had the backyard sports games. A complete 180 from what the Doom games were. These were cartoon kids playing baseball and football. On the most recent New Heights Podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce the topic of these games came up. Jason admitted he's been looking into how he can bring them back. As a 36 year old man, I would love if they brought them back. I've got a 7, 4 and 1 year old, and I would LOVE to get them into those awesome games. If you don't know of the game or don't remember the characters, they were all kids and each had their quirks and skills. Some were better at hitting than others, some had speed, others had cannons for arms. No player in the game was better than Pablo Ramirez though. Pablo was a 5 tool player. Unamimous first ballot Hall of Famer when his backyard career ends. Pete Wheeler, a dopey kid with a head as tall as Peyton Mannings, could fly around the bases. If you had Pete and Pablo and Keisha Phillips you were set. 5 tool, speed, power. Look out. Baseball wasn't the only game where these kids showed off their abilities. Following the success of Backyard Baseball, Humongous Entertainment created Backyard Football. The football version featured all the same kids showing off their various abilities, but now on the football field. If you weren't setting Pete Wheeler as your wide receiver and sending him on a go route straight down the field, then you might be former Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson. That play was unstoppable, as long as that dope caught the ball. If Jason Kelce can somehow make those games return for the new generation of kids, I'll be happy to give my children a butt whooping using Pablo at QB, Pete at WR and Keisha as my offensive line. It's not going to be the way it was when I got my dad to play video games, and I had to step him through every little thing about the controllers. These kids are going to get my best! [select-listicle listicle_id="881966" syndication_name="that-90s-shed" description="yes"]

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