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The Kelly Clarkson Show: How To Get Tickets & Attend A Taping

Have you ever attended a television show taping? If not, and it is on your bucket list I have some tips for you. I have attended a handful of television show tapings in my lifetime both on the west coast and east coast, so I know a thing or two. Now that I live in Pennsylvania I am much closer to New York City and have been able to be at two show tapings in the last six months. I most recently got tickets to The Kelly Clarkson Show. I called my friend and co-worker Ariana and we made plans to meet in NYC for a fun-filled day. If you want to see the original American Idol tape her show in NYC, here is what to do. The Kelly Clarkson Show: Getting Tickets I was so excited to hear that in October of 2023, Kelly moved her show from Los Angeles to New York City. Her show is taped at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, down the hall from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. To get tickets, first, go to the 1iota.com. This is the company that handles ticketing for The Kelly Clarkson Show. They also handle ticketing for other popular talk shows, sitcoms, and special events. The best part, tickets to The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the other TV shows are free. Once you visit 1iota.com, select The Kelly Clarkson Show. There you will see the upcoming dates for taping and can find a date that is still taking ticket requests. Kelly does two tapings each show day, so pick the date and time that works best for your schedule. You may also be able to see who is scheduled to appear on the show as guests. Then simply follow the prompts on the website to request tickets - there is a limit of four tickets for each request. You will be asked to create a 1iota.com account, which if you get tickets, will make the process so easy. Once you submit your request, you will be directed to a screen that says, "Your request is in the queue." So, what does that mean? You will receive an email invite if the show can accommodate your request. Also, I received an email about three weeks before the show date I picked saying that I had been invited to the show. I had to go in and RSVP. Don't wait to do this step. The show may fill up before you get a chance to RSVP. Most times television shows invite more people than they accommodate fully knowing some people may not be interested anymore, or just ghost them. Once you have accepted the tickets. You will be able to see them in your 1iota.com account. As the show taping gets closer, about a week out, you will receive another email directing you to information that you will need when you arrive. Be sure to read it carefully and let everyone in your party know of the rules for attending. Trip Tip If you are traveling into the city from New Jersey or Philadelphia and you don't plan on getting a hotel in NYC the night before, I highly recommend picking the second show taping of the day. If you get to the city by 10:30a you can grab lunch before you get in line for the show. The Kelly Clarkson Show: Getting There The Kelly Clarkson Show tapes at the NBC Studios located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. There are so many ways to get to NYC from the northeast. My favorite way is to take the New Jersey Transit train from the Hamilton, New Jersey station to Penn Station in NYC. Roundtrip fare is $32.50 and it costs about $10 to park your car in the garage for the afternoon. The train ride takes about an hour and ten minutes and you can listen to a podcast or work on your computer during the trip. Once you arrive at Penn Station, you can jump on the subway or walk to 30 Rock. I jumped on the E train uptown and walked a few short blocks to my destination. You will enter the doors off of W. 50th Street between 6th Ave and Rockafellar Plaza. Look for the Rainbow Room sign and enter Rockafeller Center. We had tickets to the 1:15p taping on a Tuesday in May. The tickets you get will say you must be in line at a certain check-in time. You can do that, but I always recommend getting in line early - don't be late. Just because you have a ticket does not mean you are guaranteed a seat in the audience. As I mentioned before, television tapings dispense more tickets than they have seats to make sure they have a full audience on show days. On my show day, I got in line at 12:30p and there was already a line of about 50 people. You may see a line of people to your right. Ask them if they are in line for The Kelly Clarkson Show or ask one of the security guards where to line up. There wasn't a sign or anything, but saw a line of people and asked someone. Then, you wait. Audience Coordinators and NBC pages will then go through the line with instructions. They will check for tickets and your ID. Make sure everyone in your party is in line and has their ID. You will then be taken up a flight of stairs where you will wait in line to sign a release form, get your audience ticket, and go through a security check. You will walk through a metal detector and your bag will go through screening, much like at the airport. You will then be directed to the audience lounge where you will be able to use the restroom and get some water from a water fountain. There is plenty of comfy seating and it's air conditioned. When it is time to start loading in, the staff will call the identifying number or letter on your ticket and you will head up the elevators. This is when you must turn off your cell phones. They can't be on during the taping and you will not be permitted to take photos while you are in the studio. Once you exit the elevators you will follow the staff directions into the studio and will be told where to sit. Trip Tip When you are in the audience lounge, use the opportunity to go to the restroom and grab a sip from the water fountain. You will not be able to use the restroom during the taping or be able to get water. The Kelly Clarkson Show: What To Expect During A Taping Okay, so now you have made it! You are in The Kelly Clarkson Show studio audience! As the rest of the audience is loaded in, look around at the studio. It looks so much bigger on TV. Kelly's studio is cool and there are so many hidden corners used for different segments. Jay Flats will then tell you what you will be asked to do as the audience. When to clap, when to stand, when to sit. He's got you. At showtime, which was scheduled for 3p, Kelly will appear and wave and they will start the show. Kellyoke was the first thing they taped. I didn't know the song, but she sang it beautifully. Then the show moved fast. The guests on the show for this particular taping were Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy. They were doing the rounds promoting their new film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. When they walked out on the soundstage I was taken aback by how beautiful they both were in person. They had a lovely chat for three segments with Kelly and Chris was quite funny. (yes, he is a superhero in person). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYjLl89RXSc The next segment was with a group of sorority sisters who saved a mom and her two kids from a sinking car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GAZcPWPYFQ Finally, Kelly had a video chat with Christina Applegate & Jamie-Lynn Sigler to discuss their new podcast called MeSsy. After about an hour and a half, the show was over and we were escorted out of the studio back where we started waiting in line. I made it back to my car at the Hamilton, NJ train station by 7p! The whole experience was so much fun. The staff and NBC Pages were all so nice and organized. Kelly was lovely and so funny. For under $50 you can spend the day in NYC and see Kelly Clarkson. It is worth the trip. Trip Tip Wear a colorful shirt with no logos or pattern. You could be more likely to get a good seat for the show. Plus, you are going to be on TV!

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