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Remembering George Harrison 15 years later…. Download

Download November 29th, 2016

On November 29, 2001, we all woke up to the news that George Harrison had passed. I was slated for a live broadcast at the Classic Rock Art Show with Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) and Little Steven (Van Zandt) as my guests. We turned the entire show into a remembrance and celebration of George and his impact on music, charity and awareness of Eastern philosophy influences in thought and practice.  Little Steven sat there at my side for hours, picking the music and scribbling on a paper bag all the things he wanted to remember to say on air (I kept that bag for years and then it somehow disappeared…). I’ve strung together a couple of our segments. You’ll hear stories from Eric and then Little Steven. It was one of the most momentous days in my broadcast career.

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