MGK-9 Dog Fest

MGK-9 Dog Fest

MGK-9 Dog Fest

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With the DeBella Dog Walk 2023 coming up, all we can think about is dogs. And it seems that these artists were also thinking that way when they wrote these classic rock songs with dog titles.

A cool way to honor Man’s Best Friend is to put them in a song. But, I’ll admit. Not all of these songs on this list have to do with furry friends. But they have the word “dog” in the title, which is all that matter here!

There’s another cool way for you to honor the pups in your life as well. If you didn’t know, the 2023 DeBella Dog Walk is a FREE, outdoor gathering for people and their dogs. Those looking to adopt and those seeking info about particular breeds are also more than welcome.

A huge point of the day is to teach people how to be better pet owners and to educate the public about non-profit rescue groups and shelters. It’s on May 6, 2023, from 11 am to 3 pm.

That is SO close! It’s always amazing to see how many people show up and show out. Seeing dogs is one of the best activities in the world. So no wonder dogs are all we can think about.

Here are the best classic rock songs with dog titles:

  • 'Hey Bulldog' - The Beatles

    This is one of those Beatles cult-classics. The lyrics are a real trip. And with Lennon and McCartney barking at each other mid-song, you’re sure to have a good time. It’s not very well-known, but once you know it, you love it.

  • 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' - The Stooges

    What a catalyst for the garage-rock and punk movement. If you listen to this one you may be surprised to find out it came out in 1969. So ahead of their time, those Stooges. It has nothing to do with actual dogs, but it does really rock. And really that’s all that matters.

  • 'Walking The Dog' - The Rolling Stones

    This is a cover, much like many songs in 1964. The thing is, a lot of artists have covered this song. Aerosmith even gave it a stab. It’s a testament to how good it is. Fun fact, the line “high hose, tip to toes,” inspired the Ramones’ “Hey! Ho! let’s go!” chant in “Blitzkreig Bop.”

  • 'Black Dog' - Led Zeppelin

    “Hey hey mama said the way you move…Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.” Just one of the most iconic openings to any song. You hear that, you know you’re in for a good time. The title is a reference to a nameless black Labrador Retriever that wandered around the Headley Grange studios during the recording of the album.

  • 'Dogs' - Pink Floyd

    Just one of the animals on Pink Floyds 1977 album, “Animals.” Each animal represents a piece or aspect of the Cold War. What are the “Dogs,” then? Russians. Okay, well, not the furry friends we know and love. But a very creative way to tackle the issues of the time, huh.

  • 'Hair Of The Dog' - Nazareth

    You may know this one as “Son of a B*tch” instead, due to its repeated hook. The song is about a manipulative woman who can get men to give in to her every need, but she has met her match in the singer. The term “Hair of the Dog” is meant to refer to an alcoholic drink that is drank by someone to feel better after having too much the night before. So no, also not about real dogs.

  • 'Diamond Dogs' - David Bowie

    The titular song of David Bowies 8th studio album. “This ain’t rock ‘n’ roll – this is genocide!” is another epic way to start off a track. The Diamond Dogs are a gang, fronted by Halloween Jack. The album introduced a new Bowie character, following both Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane.

  • 'Dog Eat Dog'- AC/DC

    “Dog Eat Dog” was a response to how the Australian band, AC/DC felt about their record label. They channeled their frustration with the business-side of things into a seriously hard rock song.  “Dog Eat Dog” served as the first single off their third studio album, “Let There Be Rock.”

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