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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL appeals to people of all ages. Its four theme parks offer much more than just children’s rides.

The creativity of the “imagineers” makes rides based on the Disney classics enjoyable, but the parks also have plenty of thrill rides.

EPCOT is known more for the World Showcase, but the other side of the park has its fair share of exciting rides like Soarin’ and Test Track.

Take a walk down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood Studios for two of the best rides in Disney World, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an overlooked classic that isn’t always associated with the most popular rides in the four parks.

Magic Kingdom is tough to experience all in one day. Countless rides and shows will wear you down in the best kind of way, and no Disney guests will ever forget a ride on Space Mountain.

  • Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

    Zipping through complete darkness on a roller coaster with seemingly constant turns is a crazy thought but an even better experience.

    The sudden turns keep you guessing every single second, but when it ends, a deep breath makes you realize how much fun the ride actually was. It’s not uncommon for Magic Kingdom guests riding Space Mountain to sit back and laugh when it’s all over.

    Wait a few extra minutes for the front seat if you can handle an experience you’ll never forget.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

    Thunder Mountain is the highlight of Frontierland in Magic Kingdom, and it is in the top tier of roller coasters in all of Disney World. The downhill feeling of the drops “from the top of the mountains” come at the highest speeds.

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom)

    Mine Train took a familiar concept from Thunder Mountain with a newly-refined twist and a smoother ride. The creativity inside the mine with the dwarfs singing “Heigh-Ho!” adds the right amount of movie flavor to a thrill ride.

    The end of the ride features another interesting touch with signature Snow White parts taken from Disneyland in California.

  • TRON Lightcycle/Run (Magic Kingdom)

    The newest thrill ride at Walt Disney World celebrates TRON: Legacy.

    Guests get to ride a “lightcycle” at high speeds in competition. According to the Magic Kingdom website, it’s one of the fastest coasters at any Disney park in the world. 

  • Soarin' Around the World (EPCOT)


    Soarin’ originally took guests for a hang gliding ride through the state of California, but the renovated version of the virtual reality experience now includes the greatest wonders of the world.

    You can enjoy the sights and sounds (and smells) of an amazing trip, even though Soarin’ isn’t ALWAYS considered a thrill ride.

  • Test Track (EPCOT)

    Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

    Test Track gives guests the opportunity to customize the vehicle they’ll take for a “test drive” during the ride. The brake test might cause your heart to drop, but the speed test around the outside of the ride will make up for it.

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)


    The idea to mix classic rock and roller coasters was genius from the start. The opening video for guests waiting in line features the members of Aerosmith and an invitation to take a ride through Los Angeles to make it to a show in time to perform.

    The opening takeoff is timed perfectly with rotating Aerosmith music, and the staff gets clever after the ride by directing guests to “Walk This Way” toward the exit.

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)

    The spooky Twilight Zone theme sets a realistic vibe at the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel, but the real thrill comes when guests rise and fall through a dysfunctional elevator shaft.

    Every ride features a unique combination of rising and falling, so no guests experience the exact same ride twice. 

  • Slinky Dog Dash (Hollywood Studios)

    Toy Story Land quickly became a hit after it was added to Hollywood Studios in 2018, and Slinky Dog Dash gave the park another popular thrill ride in addition to the Sunset Blvd. classics Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.

    The creative touches give a good Toy Story flavor in the same way that the Snow White theme adds to the experience of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Kids and adults love this ride!

  • Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Mountain (Animal Kingdom)

    The location sets the stage for the real thrill. Guests are stuck in the Cave of the Yeti at Mount Everest, and high speeds (forward AND backwards) whip them down the tallest mountain in the world as part of the most underappreciated ride in all of Disney World. 

  • DINOSAUR (Animal Kingdom)


    The theme of a meteor set to end the world creates a good level of realistic intensity for DINOSAUR. The creativity of the dinosaurs on the ride adds to the experience of a wild trip in prehistoric times. 

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