FRANKFURT, GERMANY - MARCH 30: Drums are displayed at the exhibition stand of Yamaha at the International Musikmesse (International Trade Fair for Musical Instruments) on March 30, 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. At the 27th Frankfurt Music Show, the world's largest trade fair for musical instruments, 1600 exhibitors present around 30000 instruments. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

We’re getting the Led out all weekend, so we had to take some time to celebrate one of the greatest drummers of all time, John Bonham (RIP).


“Rock and Roll”

Arguably his most iconic solo capping off “Rock and Roll,.”





“Moby Dick”

From Led Zeppelin’s 1970 show at the Royal Albert Hall. Bonham is a blistering blur of arms, sticks and hair for “Moby Dick.”

Solo From “The Song Remains The Same”

Another soulful solo from “The Song Remains the Same.” Makes you want to punch a hole through the wall and curse the rock gods for taking him away so early.


Solo From “Over The Top!”

This solo from “Over the Top!” during Zep’s last tour of the United States in ‘77. Almost get a bit teary eyed thinking about what could’ve been…


“Dazed and Confused”

Okay…now that’s not even humanly possible! Bonham puts the exclamation mark at the end of “Dazed and Confused.” I’m getting sweaty just watching this.