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BREAKING: Aerosmith has postponed their Peace Out Farewell 50th Anniversary tour until 2024. What a perfect time to repost this article from the initial cancellations just 10 days and 3 shows into the tour. Is there a certain point when enough is enough, and it’s time for a band to hang it up?

Father Time is undefeated. In sports and looking more and more like in music too. Things we did when we were young, don’t work out as we age. At a certain point, it’s time to hang it up. The talent you have fades as the aging process takes hold. For some of us that came when we finished our high school careers. Some of us were able to perform at a high enough level to keep going through college. There are the lucky few that made a career out of it. This leads me to my question: Is there a certain point when it’s time for a band to hang it up?

Aerosmith is currently on their “Peace Out” farewell tour. They’re celebrating 50 years as a band and looking to send their fans off with one last awesome show. A valiant idea. A thanks for the memories, let’s get 1 last tour in (and make some money, of course.) Here’s the thing… Steven Tyler is 75. The power in his voice from 1973 all the way early 2000’s was always incredible. Unfortunately, you can’t scream-sing every few nights at 75 years old. To hammer home this point after 10 days of the tour (not shows, days) Aerosmith has postponed their upcoming shows because Steven injured his vocal cords during their show in Long Island. Doctors told him that he needed to rest them for 30 days. The chances that this is a 1x issue seem slim, but issues should always be expected when touring the country at 75.

On the flip side, The Rolling Stones just announced a new album and released a new song. Do they plan on touring? Probably. Mick is 80, but he doesn’t scream the way Steven does. He’s had his issues in the past, a heart issue that he’s recovered from put an entire tour on hold years ago. Mick’s ability to tour remains a possibility because he’s taken better care of himself than Tyler. It was only last year that Steven was in Rehab and had to cancel Aerosmith shows.

There really isn’t a stop date on when these guys should call it quits, but at a certain point, the quality of the shows takes a major dip. Is it better to go out on top, or peter out with poor concert reviews? It seems that some of these bands need someone to tell them “leave ’em wanting more.”

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