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U.S. Senate trying to remove hidden ticket prices

We all know something needs to be done about hidden ticket prices for concerts and sports, and the United States Senate is finally trying to remove those fees by passing the Ticket Act (Transparency in Charges for Key Events Ticketing Act.) In a statement, U.S. Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell said, "When families budget for a night at a ballgame or to hear their favorite band, they shouldn’t have to worry about being surprised by hidden fees that suddenly raise the final cost of tickets well over the advertised price."  You can read the press release from the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation here. If the Senate is able to regulate the amount of fees hidden in the ticket prices it would be 1 small step in helping regular people stop being priced out by the astronomical cost for a concert ticket. There is probably more work that needs to be done, but to see a government working for the people and actually get the ball moving is a positive development. If you'd like to check out the full legislative act you can find it here: The TICKET Act [select-gallery gallery_id="893010" syndication_name="rock-tours-highest-grossing-tours-of-all-time" description="yes"]

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