The Daily Podcast (03/26/19)

We packed a bunch of stuff into today's show! Things like a fish outta water hazard, Elton's autobiography, a perfect bracket, Austrian mating techniques, a mystery sound, a dish soap-covered Turnpike, "Hometown Madness" and an interview with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen to boot!

Phil Collen Podcast

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen joined us today and talked about the band's anticipation to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He told us about fanboying over Led Zeppelin, and told an absurd story about sneaking Robert Plant into their Hysteria Tour. On a more serious note, he told us about…

The Daily Podcast (03/25/19)

We're back! Today we kicked off "Hometown Madness" in an effort to get you in our "Squeeze Box" suite for The Who at Citizens Bank Park. We revisited a guy with a painful injury who just had insult added to it. We shared 4 random Elton John facts for his birthday, talked the new Motley…

The Daily Podcast (03/15/19)

Happy St. Patty's Day Eve Eve! The drinking holiday took center stage on today's show, as we talked our plans, where we've woken up after a binger, and the worst drunken moments of our lives. We talked about Steely Dan's current tour, which involves playing albums in their entirety, and also welcomed comedian Paul Mecurio…

The Daily Podcast (03/14/19)

Wild show today! We celebrated Pi Day, had some wholesome news then extremely unwholesome news, a new lingerie is out that resembles chaps, someone found a sex doll in the street, comedian Mo Mandel joined us, and John and Steve settled their controversy from earlier in the week with a "Quick Draw" rematch!

Comedian Mo Mandel Podcast

Comedian Mo Mandel visited us for the first time in 6 years today! He told us about his new girlfriend who happens to be a urologist and now podcast partner. Mo talked about being born in a home birth, a racist rant he encountered involving Quakers, and why he hates playing video games these days.…

The Daily Podcast (03/13/19)

We had a really fun show today and talked a whole bunch about the big college admissions scandal that was unveiled yesterday. We heard about various fast food scented products available, played a supercut of Beatles Yesterday covers, teased tomorrow's "Quick Draw" rematch between John and Steve, took a Full House trivia test, and hit…

The Daily Podcast (03/12/19)

We've been talking about it for weeks, and today we finally aired our "Misheard Lyrics Show!" We rounded up all the best examples from our audience and shared them with you today. So if you've ever felt bad about getting lyrics wrong, this episode proves YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Enjoy...

The Daily Podcast (03/11/19)

We're back, it's getting warmer, tomorrow is our big "Misheard Lyrics Show" and St. Patty's Day weekend is almost here. We're staying positive for a Monday! We talked the onslaught of Elton this year, 4 random facts, played a controversial round of "Quick Draw" and thinned the herd. Enjoy!