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I Did A 45-Minute Bruce Springsteen Live Concert Peloton Ride

A Ride With The Boss... As you all should know by now if you have been keeping up with some of my posts, I love to ride my bike outdoors. Whether that be riding it from South Philly to Bala Cynwyd for work, going on a 25-mile bike ride through many of the Jersey Shore towns, riding from Philly to the Jersey Shore for charity, or just riding with some friends while visiting the Delaware beaches – one thing is for sure, I can’t get enough bike rides. Well, sometimes getting outside is not an option. Luckily, I have a Peloton, which I also love to do and it is a great alternative to riding outside when it is raining, too hot, or you are simply just too busy to ride miles away from your house. Riding bikes is not the only thing I love either and being that I am a DJ for WMGK, I am sure most of you can guess that I also love classic rock, and in this particular case, Bruce Springsteen! So when there is a way to combine two things that I have a passion for, I am all ears! As it turns out, Jenn Sherman constructed a 45-minute Bruce Springsteen sold-out show ride for the Peloton that has many of his classic tunes playing as you cycle. It is great motivation and has you forgetting that you are even riding for 45 minutes straight! Jenn Sherman is a huge Bruce fan and is even a big Philadelphia Eagles fan since her husband is from the Philly area. Bike rides, Bruce, and the Eagles? I’m in! The best part about the ride is that all the Bruce songs are from live shows spanning the entire course of his career, including “Out In The Street” live from his last show at the Spectrum in 2009 – a show that I broadcasted from back when I was with WMMR! If you have a Peloton I definitely suggest giving this ride a shot, it is so fun! And for all the people who just love Bruce, I’ll post the tracklist for the ride below and maybe it’ll convince you to try this ride anyway you can! The Tracklist...