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Flyers Season Ends In A You Gotta Be Kidding Me Way

The Flyers season ended last night. Done. Finished. Kaput. It ended in a 4th straight year of missed playoffs. This is a young team that showed a lot of promise early to midway through the 2024 season. When the games got bigger and the lights a bit brighter, the team couldn't clear the bar. The eight straight losses between late March and early April were the beginning of the end for this team. Still they had a chance to make the playoffs, albeit a slim chance. By the final 2 games they needed a lot to go their way to make the playoffs. The day before their last game none of it went their way leaving them a 6.4% chance to make the playoffs. A quick breakdown: The Flyers had to win in regulation against the Capitols. No overtime. The Red Wings had to lose to the Canadiens in regulation. No overtime their either, because the 1 point gained in an overtime game would mathmatically eliminate the orange and black. Also, the Penguins had to lose their final game. If you were watching the game last night the television broadcast would check in and give updates on the Red Wings - Canadiens game. Things were looking good as Montreal had a lead deep into the 3rd period. I mean DEEP. like seven seconds left in the game deep. Jim Jackson and Brian Boucher had been talking about when Flyers coach John Tortarella may pull the goalie for an extra attacker since they had to win in regulation. Then Jackson passed on word that the Red Wings had scored to tie the game with THREE seconds left in the game! Ending the flyers season, because that game was going to overtime. Color analyst Brian Boucher basically said what we all were thinking. You've got to be kidding me. The Flyers were unaware that they had been eliminated, so Torts pulled the goalie for an extra skater. Washington ultimately scored to take a 2-1 lead. Washington scoring on the empty net and ultimately winning eliminated the Red Wings anyway. The Flyers losing to the Capitols also boned the Pittsburgh Penguins out of a playoff spot. So at least they have that going for them. The 2024 season had it's ups and downs, but probably more ups for this young team. That's good as they learn to win important games and understand how the level of play gets ratcheted up once the spring hits. Maybe this Flyers article was a bit premature, but next year! Spring of 2025 is when we get playoff hockey back in Philadelphia. [select-listicle listicle_id="900686" syndication_name="keith-jones-philadelphia-flyers-future" description="yes"]

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