Good News From The C-Suite

Nominate A Business Leader- Good News From The C-Suite

Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK and Comcast Business are recognizing Philadelphia area businesses and executives who guide their teams to embrace community service as an integral part of their business culture and success.  We’re highlighting CEO’s and other industry leaders- in a new program called, "Good News From the C-Suite". What is Good News From the C-Suite? "C-Suite" refers to the executive-level managers within a company. Every month, Andre will talk directly with CEO’s of some of the most successful companies to discuss how they’re making a difference both with their business enterprise and the community they serve. Nominate A Business Leader Know a local business leader that really walks the walk when it comes to community service? Use your email to nominate them here: [audience-promo widget-url="" ] MGK’s Good News from the C-Suite, with Andre Gardner…. presented by Comcast Business, Powering Possibilities [select-listicle listicle_id="883307" syndication_name="past-good-news-from-the-c-suite-winners" description="yes"]