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Pennsylvania Likes These 3 Pizza Toppings Most

Pizza is a staple in American culture. It may not have originated here, but it sure did explode once people started migrating to America in large numbers. We all love our pizza, but what are the go-to toppings for people around us? Pennsylvania has three pizza toppings it likes the most, but first, let's do a quick background on pizza's origins. Pizza's humble beginnings started on the western coast of Italy in the city of Naples. The story goes, that King Umberto and Queen Margherita were tired of eating the food they were being served and wanted a change. In 1889 they visited Naples and were served a pizza with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil. The queen liked it so much that it was named after her - Margherita Pizza - comes from. It took a bit to catch on outside of Naples, as pizza didn't really explode until around the 1940s in the United States. Since then you can find pizza everywhere, but what we like on our pizza seems to vary by state. SWNS Digital has a study of what type of topping people like most on their pizza. They partnered with Amazon Fresh and One Poll and went state by state to get their results. In terms of shape, most of the country prefers circle shapes, but in Georgia, Idaho, New York, Utah, and West Virginia they prefer squares. An almost even split between thick or thin crusts, with 4 states preferring deep dish and 1 saying stuffed crust. Each state is pretty straightforward and matches the basics of the pizza. The basics are the same, but we differ on what we want on top of their pizza though. Pizza eaters in Pennsylvania like three specific toppings most. PA residents like mushrooms, pepperoni, and peppers the most on their pizza. All three don't necessarily need to be on the same pizza, but each does taste delicious on its own. I've had great pizza with peppers and chicken on it before. One of my favorite pizzas is a well-done pizza with crispy pepperoni, arugula, and hot honey. Public service announcement - Hot honey on pizza is fantastic! For an extra kick in the mouth try sausage with jalapeños and hot honey. Those 3 combined are best on a thin-crust pizza. [select-listicle listicle_id="912227" syndication_name="here-are-the-delaware-valleys-favorite-drunk-foods" description="yes"]

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