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We Gave Away Front Row Tickets To See The Rolling Stones

In case you missed it last week – and I am sorry if you did – Steve and I gave away what may have been the coolest prize I have given away in all my years of radio. I am talking about the crown jewel of them all! We gave away tickets to see The Rolling Stones when they come to Philadelphia this summer! We played a game called Take The Fifth, which involved us giving a clue (the left side of the picture below) and the contestants guessing the song name to go with the clue (the right side of the picture below). Take a look at the songs we used below.  [caption id="attachment_938639" align="alignnone" width="1024"] The Rolling Stones songs used in The Matt Cord Show With Steve Vassalotti's Take The Fifth contest.[/caption] I know what you are thinking, “Matt, you and Steve give away cool prizes and tickets all the time, what makes these tickets to see The Rolling Stones so special?” Well, let me tell you, these were not just any old tickets to see The Rolling Stones – we gave out tickets in the fifth row, the fourth row, the third row, and even the second row! But wait, it got even better – we even gave out tickets in the very first row to one lucky listener! I have been doing radio for a long time, and I don’t think I ever have given out Stones tickets in the front row! I mean we are talking about the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, and we gave away tickets in the first five rows! What could be better than that?! To put that in perspective of just how close all of our winners will be, when the Stones come to town on June 11th, they will be playing at The Linc. There’s like one hundred rows in there! We are talking about an NFL stadium, and Steve and I were fortunate enough to give away tickets in the first five rows! If you can’t tell by now, I am a huge fan of The Rolling Stones.  I have seen them over 30 times in my life, and each of those times I was left impressed with how great of a show the guys put on. I have actually met them backstage a couple of times, and they could not have been cooler. Take a look at the main picture of this story and you will see me right next to the legend himself, Mick Jagger! Plus, I actually had the chance to see them perform at The Tower Theatre back on September 22nd, 2002. It was the only time they played at that great venue. Anyway, I hope all of our winners have an amazing time on June 11th, and maybe I will see a few of you there! More on The Rolling Stones... [select-listicle listicle_id="881222" syndication_name="7-times-the-beatles-and-rolling-stones-worked-together" description="yes"]