The John DeBella Show

The John DeBella Show

The John DeBella Show

The entire MGK staff congratulates John DeBella on being on-air in Philadelphia for 35 years.  Members of our airstaff took time to reflect on John’s success and we put together a photo gallery of some of John’s finest moments during his extremely successful career.  Enjoy photos of celebrties, rockers, behind the scenes moments and more. 

Dave Gibson, Co-host & Producer – John DeBella Show
In movies, the “macguffin” is the object of great importance that serves as the primary motivator for the protagonists and their antagonists. When it comes to John, his “macguffin” needn’t be a Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant. It’s simply a microphone. He can’t stay away from the damn things. He was born to have one in front of his mug. When you combine that with his genuine love of Philadelphia, it’s really no wonder that the only thing longer than his career here… is his mustache.


Steve Vassaloitti – Executive Producer & Co-host – John DeBella Show
I like John DeBella. Did you know, much like a bear, John can smell you upwind from as far as 20 miles away? That is the reason he has succeeded in this business for so long. Congrats on 35 years in Philly!


Debbi Calton – Middays – 9a-2p
John Debella is a living legend. Pure and simple. When I came to Philadelphia in 1983, John was already firmly planted into the city’s culture and heritage even though he’d only been here a year at that point. Although we worked at warring stations back in the day (WYSP and WMMR), I always admired John’s tenacity. And when he came to MGK some 15 years ago, I was delighted to get to know him personally. He is a big old teddy bear, it turns out! He is kind and generous and his work ethic is amazing. He is often still at the station working in his office when I get off air at 2. That’s dedication. When John Debella says he loves this city, he truly means it with all his heart. And I’m grateful that I’ve been able to work alongside him in these years of our careers!


Andre Gardner – Afternoons – 2p-7p
Congratulations to John DeBella on his 35 years of rock music and silliness in Philadelphia radio!

This is no easy task, you realize. 35 years in ANY business is an accomplishment, but to spend that long in as tough and competitive a business as radio is truly astonishing and admirable. All my best, John. It’s great being on Team MGK with you!



Ray Koob – Nights – 7-Mid on MGK
I’ve worked with John for more of those 35 years than not. One thing never changes, The Bright Side Of Life! And that he’s the consummate pro, expecting the best from those who work closely with him. Though I was only his intern for a short time, over 30 years ago, during that time I learned to hold my work to a higher standard.

But the thing I like the most about DeBella is his giving heart. He’ll gladly tell you about how he grew up, and how it motivates him to do so much for so many.

I remember when he first came to town, making a big splash upon arrival, and setting out to wake this town up in a way it had never been! Congrats on 35 years of doing it your way, successfully, big guy!


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