Hometown Hoagie

We’ve rolled out our first-ever WMGK Hometown Hoagie Bracket!

We asked you, our WMGK listeners, about your favorite Delaware Valley mom-and-pop hoagie shops. You answered the call and flooded us with your favorites. You showed out, and your suggestions helped us build an EPIC bracket. It seems some hoagies are just bread better.

We took your suggestions and had them face off head-to-head. These massive meaty match-ups will crown WMGK’s favorite Hometown Hoagie!

After 5 delicious rounds of voting, we have our winner!

Hometown Hoagie 2023 winner Lorenzo's Steaks

Official Campaign Rules

Bracket Rounds:

  • Savory Sixty-Four: Friday, 5/5/23 9a – Wednesday, 5/17/23 9a
  • Tempting Thirty-Two: Wednesday, 5/17/23 9a – Wednesday, 5/24/23 9a
  • Sandwich Sixteen: Wednesday, 5/24/23 9a – Wednesday, 5/31/23 9a>
  • Exquisite Eight: Wednesday, 5/31/23 9a – Monday, 6/5/23 9a
  • Finger-Licking Four: Monday, 6/5/23 9a – Friday, 6/9/23 9a
  • Tasty Final Two: Friday, 6/9/23 9a – Tuesday, 6/13/23 9a

Contest Information:

  • How To Enter: Enter by voting on your favorite hoagie shop starting on May 5, 2023 at 9a. Voting will be on www.wmgk.com/hoagie
  • Dates Of Contest: 5/5/2023 @ 9pm – 6/13/2023 @ 9a
  • How Winner Is Being Selected: Randomly Selected
  • When The Winner Is Being Selected: 6/13/2023
  • How Many Times A Person Can Enter: Each person can vote for each round, all votes will be counted as one entry for the four (4) tickets to MGK’s Big Gig.
  • Age Of Entrants: 18+
  • How Many Winners Are Being Selected: 1
  • What The Prize Is: Four (4) tickets to MGK’s Big Gig with Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top on Sunday, September 17th at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion.
  • Prize Value: $220
  • Who Is Providing The Prize: WMGK-FM

Official Campaign Rules

Otherwise, WMGK-FM’s General Contest Rules apply and are available by clicking HERE.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected] with the subject line “Hometown Hoagie Help”. Good luck from everyone here at WMGK!

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Order Up! Here Are The WMGK Jocks' Favorite Hoagies

Everyone has a hoagie preference, even the WMGK jocks! We compiled a list of their favorite hoagies.

Hoagies are a staple of this area’s cuisine. In fact, we could even consider them to be a food group on the food pyramid. That’s how vital they are to Philadelphians. And those around the DeBellaware Valley.

With our Hometown Hoagie bracket making its rounds, the iconic sandwich has been all we can talk about in the studio. It’s actually making all of us SUPER hungry. So when we asked the jocks for their hoagie orders, they were chomping at the bit to answer.

We wanted their ultimate hoagie. Their go-to any time they just NEED a hoagie in their lives. The one they dream about at night, or rather, keeps them up because they get hungry just thinking about it. Everyone has that hoagie order that they can’t get out of their head.

This question also sparked an interesting debate about a certain condiment that should or should not go on a hoagie. The whole conversation made me insanely hungry. So before I get too ravenous for a delicious deli sandwich on a seeded roll…

Here are the WMGK jock’s favorite hoagies:

  • John DeBella

    John DeBella, Walk of Fame Inductee 2023, Philadelphia Music Alliance

    Photo by Tessa Marie Commercial/John DeBella, 102.9 WMGK

    When john orders a hoagie, he gets an ultimate Italian hoagie. That’s got prosciutto, mortadella, hot capicola, rosemary ham, Calabrese hot salami, lettuce, tomato, aged sharp provolone, and extra virgin olive oil. “All other hoagies should just give up,” John declared.

  • Matt Cord


    Photo by Matt Cord

    Matt gets an Italian hoagie, add sweet peppers, oil, vinegar, salt, and oregano. He’s a man of culture.

  • Andre Gardner

    Andre Gardner - January 14th

    Photo by Andre Gardner

    Andre’s order: “It’s got to be a mixed cheese hoagie (pepper jack & provolone) with mayo (no oil, sorry haters) lettuce, tomato, onion, the hottest peppers they have, and spinach.  Little salt, pepper and oregano and, BOOM.  My ultimate hoagie.”

  • Tony Harris

    Tony Harris - January 14th

    Tony so eloquently replied: “My favorite is the Classic ‘neighborhood’ Italian…Genoa Salami, Capicola, Hot Calabrese Soppressata, Cotechino, Provolone Cheese, fresh jersey tomato with Olive Oil and splash of Vinegar and Oregano on Sarcone’s bread. And most importantly, pay attention…there isn’t a mayo jar within 1 mile. True Italian hoagies NEVER NEVER NEVER have mayo so accept no phonies or BS.”

  • Steve Vassalotti

    MGK's Locals Only Beer Fest 2018

    Photo by Steve Vassalotti

    Steve says: “Italian Hoagie. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo (I know! On an Italian?!?) salt, pepper, oregano.” Tony and Steve then proceeded to argue about the idea of mayo on an Italian hoagie.

  • Danny Ocean

    Cody and Danny Ocean

    Photo by Danny Ocean

    Danny is a fan of a classic Italian. No bells and whistles.

  • Paul Kelly

    MGK's Paul Kelly with Jingle & Jangle

    Photo by Paul Kelly

    Paul also likes it pretty simple. Just a classic Italian hoagie with oil.

  • Angel Donato

    angel donato

    Photo by Angel Donato

    Angel says: “I am a little particular. I am all for the cheeses. Lettuce, Tomato with a little oil…Basil, Italian seasoning, Provolone, Mozzarella, and American cheese….and I have it all topped off with a boatload of Hot Peppers! There’s nothing like it…the best! I just talked myself into a hoagie today…”
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