Andre Gardner

If there is one thing Andre Gardner knows it’s his classic rock. So how do you stack up against this radio veteran? Here are the answers to July’s edition of Andre‘s Fairly Difficult Classic Rock Quiz. Look out for the August edition on August 14th!

Just for taking the quiz and submitting your answers, you are registered to win some pretty epic prizes, like MGK Big Gig tickets. Here are the questions with their answers for July’s Classic Rock quiz.

1. What kind of bass did Paul McCartney play on “I Will?”

Thumbs Up McCartney

Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images

a. his trusty Hofner

b. a Fender Jazz bass

c. he didn’t play the bass

d. his Rickenbacker T-4001

Instead of playing bass, Paul mouthed the bass line vocally.

  • 2. On the Van Halen song, “Unchained,” who can be heard in the middle break saying, “C’mon Dave, give us a break?”

    Van Halen Press Conference To Announce Their New Tour

    Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

    a. Producer Ted Templeman

    b. Alex Van Halen

    c. Michael Anthony

    d. Engineer Donn Landee

    Whether this audio capture was spontaneous or planned is still under debate, depending who you ask.

  • 3. How many “woo woo’s” are sung, in total, on “Sympathy For The Devil?”

    A Sympathy Session

    Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

    a. 96

    b. 109

    c. 124

    d. 155

  • 4. Which well-known group is regarded as the first to release a song using the Moog synthesizer?

    The Doors

    Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images

    a. The Beatles

    b. The Doors

    c. The Jefferson Airplane

    d. The Monkees

    Jim Morrison’s vocal on the title track from 1967’s “Strange Days” was programmed through a Moog. The Monkees followed later in the year with “Daily Nightly.”

  • 5. What was different about Robert Plant’s vocals on the album Presence?

    Mr and Mrs Cole with Led Zeppelin

    Photo by Victor Blackman/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

    a. He sang them sitting in a wheelchair

    b. He sang them alone with no other band members present

    c. He made up most of the lyrics on the spot

    d. They were run through an early 70s version of what we now call “autotune.”

    Plant was recovering from a nasty auto accident at the time.

  • 6. Who was the only outside musician to play on recordings by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones AND The Who?

    Lennon And Son

    Photo by David Cairns/Getty Images

    a. Billy Preston

    b. Eric Clapton

    c. Nicky Hopkins

    d. Alan Civil

    Hopkins played on “Revolution,” as well as several Stones and Who tracks.

  • 7. Before they were famous, members of The Police appeared in a UK TV commercial for what product?

    The Police In Concert

    Photo by A & M Records/Courtesy of Getty Images

    a. Mini Cooper

    b. Hilton Hotels

    c. Tesco (UK supermarket chain)

    d. Wrigley chewing gum

    Unfortunately, the commercial never aired.

  • 8. How many US #1 albums do The Who have?

    The Who Live

    Photo by Mike Lawn/Fox Photos/Getty Images

    a. 0

    b. 1

    c. 2

    d. 3


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