DeBella Dog Walk

DeBella Dog Walk

DeBella Dog Walk

Photo by Gina Cosenza

The 2023 DeBella Dog Walk had so many exciting things going on this year. Two of which were the Delaware State Police K9’s Demonstration and The Dynamo Dogs.

These two demonstrations left us in awe. It was so cool to see these talented doggies do their thing. It made us jealous that our dogs weren’t as well-behaved as these superstars.

The Delaware State Police K-9 Section was established in 1925. The unit assists Federal, State, County, and Local law enforcement agencies out. The teachability and unrelenting drive of these pups have proven to enhance the level of service provided by the men and women of the Delaware State Police. They came out to show us both their sniffing dogs and a biting dog.

Gail Mirabella started The Dynamo Dogs in 2006 with her high-flying Frisbee dogs. She has been training dogs since the age of 10.  As a dog lover and trainer for more than one canine sport, she travels across the country sharing her expertise and entertaining crowds of all ages. Many of The Dynamo Dogs have been adopted or rescued.  Gail’s entourage includes some pretty awesome dogs. With a little time, patience, and positive training, anyone can create a special bond with their dog.

The Delaware State Police K9’s demonstration and The Dynamo Dogs were great acts to have on such a wonderful day.

  • Bobo Finds A Bomb Odor

    It takes dogs 6 months to become part of the K9 unit. Sniffing dogs take three months to learn the target odors.

  • Corporal Morris In The Decoy Suit

    decoy suit

    Photo by Gina Cosenza

    Members of the Delaware State Police K9 unit get sent out to learn how to be decoys for the bite dogs. Here, you can see Corporal Morris in a special bit suit. This helps the dogs learn to go after and bite moving targets.

  • A Bite Dog In Action

    Corporal Morris pretends to fight the officer in this video. Officers in the K9 unit have special remotes on them that they can press to open their patrol car doors from far away. That will send their dog into action.

  • Bite Dogs Won't Let Go

    Unless explicitly told to let go, these canines will bite with force for as long as possible. They are taught to hold on, even if the person they are biting is moving or fighting back. Corporal Morris is walking around here, showing how strong and solid the bite force is.

  • These Pups Leap For Frisbees

    Here you can see one of Gail Mirabella’s pups getting out her energy, leaping for a flying disc.

  • Foxy The Butterfly Goes Through The Net

    Foxy is a young puppy. She’s a trick dog in training. Here you can see one of the cute things she already knows.

  • Petey Does A Barrel Race

    This was a brand new trick 3-year-old Petey was trying for the first time. We think he did a marvelous job.

  • Tesla Jumps Rope

    She’s really naturally good at jumping. So, what did Gail do? She turned it into a trick! Tesla is a master at jumping rope.

  • Spirit And Tesla Show Teamwork

    These two sure know how to work as a pair. Spirit runs through the barrel as Tesla pushes it along.

  • Spirit Flies Through The Air

    She is short but she is mighty. With only a little help from a stepstool, Spirit goes flying over the poles to the other side. Maybe she should have been wearing the butterfly costume…

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